How to Keep Kids Reading During Holiday Breaks from School

keep kids reading during holidays

As a parent and educational professional, I’ve seen firsthand how eagerly kids anticipate school breaks like Christmas or summer vacation. However, these breaks often lead to a ‘holiday slide’ in learning, especially in reading. I’ve found that it’s crucial to maintain a reading habit even during these breaks. Regular reading plays a vital role in … Read more

Instructional Design Career Path & Roadmap: Everything You Need to Know

instructional design career path

Are you an instructional designer who’s feeling a little stuck in your current job? Or maybe you’re an aspiring instructional designer looking to break into the field and start building a lucrative career where you’re consistently climbing up the ladder. Either way, you’ll need a roadmap to get you there. As someone who’s worked in … Read more

2023’s Best Black Friday Language Learning Sales (& Cyber Monday!)

black friday language learning

Looking for some great Black Friday language learning program deals so you can finally start that new language you’ve been wanting to learn? Black Friday (and Cyber Monday) is a great time of year to save big on language learning programs. Many companies offer deep discounts on their programs, making it the perfect time to … Read more

The Best Black Friday & Cyber Monday Certification Deals (2023)

black friday certification deals

We’ve gathered up some of the best certification deals around this Black Friday, so you can get started on your new journey without breaking the bank. While there are lots of great online course websites out there, not all of them offer certification. In many industries, online certificates are very valuable and can even be … Read more

DataCamp Black Friday & Cyber Monday Deals (2023): 50% Off!

datacamp black friday

DataCamp is one of the leading online learning platforms for data science, offering interactive courses in R, Python, and SQL, and this Black Friday weekend, you can save 50% off a subscription for one year of unlimited learning. The site has hundreds of quality courses, over 50 skill tracks, career tracks, and certificate programs. While … Read more

The Coursera Black Friday & Cyber Monday Deal is Now Live


Coursera is one of our top choices for education and learning platforms, letting you take online classes in virtually any topic imaginable. And now, this Black Friday and Cyber Monday, you can get a subscription to the Coursera Plus plan for only $1 for your first month. Coursera offers courses in several relevant topic areas, … Read more

Rosetta Stone Black Friday & Cyber Monday Deals: 2023’s Biggest Sale

rosetta stone black friday

Whether you’re doing holiday shopping for loved ones or looking to treat yourself even, the gift of education and knowledge is the best. Just like your favorite stores offer huge Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals, so too does Rosetta Stone, the most popular language learning software out there. Rosetta Stone is one of our … Read more

Interact Quiz Pricing: Plans, Free Trial Info, & More (2023 Guide)

interact pricing

Interact is a fantastic quiz maker software for use in a variety of business and learning applications. With plans that range from $27 to $209 a month, the platform has something for organizations of all sizes. While Interact is marketed as a platform for creating online quizzes for lead generation purposes, I’ve found there’s some … Read more

The 20+ Best Prime Day Deals for College Students Looking to Save (October 2023 Guide)

best prime day deals for college students

With the best Prime Day deals for college students, you can get great discounts on laptops, dorm room essentials, school supplies, and a whole lot more. October’s Prime Big Deal Days is a two-day event (October 10-11 this year) when Amazon Prime members can shop hundreds of thousands of deals on everything from everyday essentials … Read more

The 10 Best Instructional Design Training Courses Online (2023)

best instructional design courses online

Did you know the Bureau of Labor Statistics expects the demand for instructional designers to grow faster than the average for all other occupations over the next decade? I’ve spent the better part of my life obsessing over everything eLearning and instructional design. From those late nights tweaking course modules to testing out all new … Read more

US College Enrollment Has Dropped By 2.9 Million Students Since 2013, But Annual Tuition Revenue Is Up By $15.2 Billion

college enrollment vs tuition

It’s no secret that college enrollment has been plummeting for years now, and the problem has only worsened since the pandemic. And while there might be some signs that the enrollment decline is finally starting to slow a bit, enrollment is still projected to be down year over year for the Fall 2023 semester. As … Read more

Udacity Pricing: Plans, Free Trial Info, More (2023)

udacity pricing

Udacity is a global tech education provider that teaches in-demand skills that companies in the tech industry are looking for, like data analysis, data engineering, data science, artificial intelligence, web development, and more. With the launch of its new All Access subscription plan that ranges from $199 to $249 per month, the pricing model has … Read more

The Benefits of Google Workspace for Your Organization

benefits of google workspace

Are you wondering if the benefits of Google Workspace are worth the cost for your organization? In today’s fast-paced world of modern business, seamless collaboration and efficient communication are the cornerstones of success. Enter Google Workspace – a comprehensive suite of productivity tools designed to transform the way your organization operates. Google Workspace is a … Read more

ABCMouse Review: Everything This Kid-Friendly App Has to Offer

abcmouse review

Have you been thinking about trying ABCMouse with your little one? Before you do, you’ll want to read our in-depth, honest ABCMouse review below… Young kids love to learn, discover, and explore. Anyone who has ever spent time with a preschooler knows they’re curious about everything and love to ask questions. Kids at this age … Read more

Skillshare Deal Alert: Get 40% Off an Annual Membership for a Limited Time

skillshare sale

Skillshare, the world’s leading online learning community, is running one of its biggest sales of the year. From now until Sunday, October 1st at midnight EDT, users can get 40% off on an annual subscription to Skillshare with code AFF40923. That means customers can save over $60 off the regular Skillshare price, bringing the total … Read more

Your Guide to the Best Skillshare Discounts, Deals, and Promos (2023)

skillshare discounts

Are you looking for good Skillshare discounts or deals that will help you save some money on your subscription? Wondering if there are any current Skillshare discount codes or promo codes that will cut the price of a membership? Skillshare is a popular online course website that offers unlimited access to over 34,000 classes for … Read more

Skillshare Review: Is It The Best Online Course Platform in 2023?

skillshare review

Are you looking for a new way to learn? Maybe you’re interested in taking online courses, but aren’t sure which platform is the best. After all, there are dozens of online course providers, and of course, they all claim to be the best. Skillshare is one of the most popular online course providers, and as … Read more

The 7 Best ABCMouse Alternatives for Your Kids (2023 Rankings)

best abcmouse alternatives

The best ABCMouse alternatives make it fun and easy for kids to learn reading, math, and other important skills.  These days, there are lots of great educational apps out there that offer an interactive and engaging way for kids to learn. Many of these apps provide fun activities that reinforce the content, making learning more … Read more

The 7 Best Learning Apps for Toddlers (2023 Reviews & Rankings)

best learning apps for toddlers

With the best learning apps for toddlers, you can give your little ones a head start in their education.  Toddlers learn rapidly by interacting with their environment; their brains develop incredibly fast at that age. In fact, they have twice as many synapses as adults, meaning their learning pace is faster than at any time … Read more

Masterclass Labor Day Sale: Up to 50% Savings on Annual Plans!

masterclass labor day

The Masterclass Labor Day sale for 2023 has just gone live, and this year’s offer is one of the company’s best yet, giving you up to 50% off on a membership. This Labor Day, dive into a world of unparalleled learning with Masterclass, the premier online platform that brings you lessons from the top A-list celebrities … Read more

The 9 Best Online Personal Development Courses (2023 Rankings)

best online personal development courses

With the best online personal development courses, you can become more effective in your professional and personal life. Personal development courses are an excellent way to manage the stresses of life and create positive change. They can help you increase your self-awareness and better manage your thoughts, feelings, and behavior. Personal development courses teach invaluable … Read more

Your Guide to the Best Masterclass Discounts, Deals, and Promos (2023)

masterclass discounts

Looking for a Masterclass discount or deal that will let you save money on your subscription? Wondering if there are any Masterclass coupons or promo codes out there for you to use? Masterclass is a popular streaming platform and online learning site that offers online courses from the world’s best instructors. You can access well … Read more

Report: College Student Spending on Groceries & Eating Out to Reach Record High in New School Year

college student food spending

As a new academic year begins, college students across the nation are gearing up for another year of challenging coursework, personal growth, and, unfortunately, escalating costs. Affording college is more difficult than ever before. Tuition rates have outpaced inflation by nearly 5 times over the last 50 years, textbook prices have continued to skyrocket, and … Read more

VideoScribe Pricing: Plans, Free Trial Info, More (2023)

videoscribe pricing

Looking into VideoScribe pricing and wondering which plan would be best for you and your needs?

Our guide takes a detailed look at all of the plans offered by VideoScribe so you can easily decide which is best.

VideoScribe is a fantastic whiteboard animation software that is easy to use and makes incredible animations. It’s available for Mac and Windows users and is completely beginner-friendly. Subscribers get access to both a browser-based version and desktop version of the program, each of which offers a whole host of features to make creating animated videos fast and easy.

VideoScribe is set up in a way that prior skills aren’t required. VideoScribe has many effects and various tools to make your animation videos awesome.

Read more

How to Create the Perfect Chief Learning Officer Resume to Land the Job

chief learning officer resume

A well-structured chief learning officer resume can showcase your skills and help you stand apart from other applicants so you can increase your chances of getting the job you want. A resume is often the first impression an employer will have of you, so it is important to make sure it is well-written and free … Read more

Edureka Pricing: Plans, Free Trial Info, More (2023 Guide)

edureka pricing

Are you looking for info on Edureka pricing so you can start taking online classes on this popular learning platform? Edureka is one of the most popular online courses websites. Students can take classes from some of the world’s top instructors and best universities in a wide range of tech subjects. Navigating around the Edureka … Read more

Audext Pricing, Plans, Free Trial Info, More (2023)

audext pricing

Are you looking for info on Audext pricing so you can decide which plan best fits your needs? Audext is transcription software that makes converting audio to text effortless. It was created to save time, and that’s precisely what it does. With fast transcription speeds, users can convert speeches, lectures, interviews, and more and quickly … Read more

The 9 Best Online Microsoft Office Classes & Trainings (2023 Reviews & Rankings)

best online microsoft classes

With the best online Microsoft Office classes, you can gain valuable skills in popular tools like Excel and PowerPoint, making you a more productive, more valuable professional. In today’s digital age, proficiency in Microsoft Office isn’t just a skill – it’s a superpower that opens doors and empowers you to navigate the modern workplace with … Read more

How to Create an Online Course: 10 Essential Tips to be Successful

how to create an online course

Are you looking to create an online course? Creating a course can be a great way to make money from your knowledge, expertise, and passions. But there are some important things you need to know about how to create an online course before you can get started, including pitfalls to avoid. Whether you’re a beginner … Read more

The 7 Best Online Course Platforms for Creators (2023 Reviews & Rankings)

best online course platforms

With the best online course platforms, you can easily monetize your knowledge by sharing it with the world. If you’re looking to master a new skill these days, chances are you can learn it online. From algebra to ballet to cooking to marketing to accounting, online courses are available for pretty much any activity you … Read more

Sonix Transcription Pricing, Plans, Free Trial Info, More (2023)

sonix pricing

Have you been looking into transcription services and want more info on Sonix pricing and plans? Sonix is an automated transcription software. It is exceptionally fast and carries a reputation for its accuracy. Sonix is available in about 40 different languages. It includes automatic timestamps, speaker labeling, and in-document note-taking. What sets Sonix apart is … Read more

CreativeLive Pricing: Plans, Free Trial Info, More (2023 Guide)

creativelive pricing

Are you interested in taking online classes with CreativeLive? Looking for info on CreativeLive pricing and plans so you can see if it fits your budget? CreativeLive is a spectacular online learning platform that has more than 2,000 courses taught by over 700 top industry experts in the field. And when we say the classes … Read more

Wreally Transcribe Pricing, Plans, Free Trial Info, More (2023)

wreally transcribe pricing

Looking for the latest info on Wreally Transcribe pricing and plans so you can choose the right one for your transcription needs? Transcribe by Wreally is a popular transcription software that transcribes audio into text very quickly. It can be used to convert interviews, videos, phone calls, lectures, and more into text in over 80 … Read more

Skillshare Free Courses: Everything You Need to Know

skillshare free courses

Looking for info on Skillshare free courses? Wondering which Skillshare classes (if any) you can take for free? Skillshare is one of the most popular online course websites with 34,000+ online classes covering a wide range of topics, including business, animation, design, photography, and more. The way Skillshare pricing works is an annual membership is … Read more

TrainerCentral Review: Everything You Need to Know

trainercentral review

Are you thinking about creating an online course? Before you get started, you’ll want to read this TrainerCentral review. In today’s job market, we’re seeing what might be considered the rise of the solopreneur. A solopreneur is exactly what it sounds like: an entrepreneur, or business innovator, who runs the show entirely on their own. … Read more

One Day University Review: Everything You Need to Know

one day university review

Have you ever fondly remembered listening to your favorite professors back in college? Maybe there was an especially passionate historian, writer, or scientist who made their subject and lectures come alive. Or maybe you’re not exactly nostalgic for the classroom, but your usual routine of reruns and podcasts has gotten stale. Whatever your reasons, if … Read more

5 Fun & Effective Literacy Activities For Kids

literacy activities for kids

Learning to read is a huge milestone for any student, and with the fun and engaging literacy activities for kids that we’re going to share in this post, that milestone can be achieved faster and more effectively. Learning to love reading – and actually take away meaning from a text – is even more important. … Read more

The 10 Best Acoustic Blankets for Sound Control (2023 Rankings)

best acoustic blankets

With the best acoustic blankets, you can control the sound of your recording environment in an affordable and easy way. Using acoustic blankets in a studio for sound control is a practical and versatile solution to improve the acoustic environment and achieve better audio quality. Acoustic blankets, sometimes called sound blankets or soundproof blankets, are … Read more

6 Best Acoustic Foam Panels for Your Home Recording Studio (2023 Guide)

best acoustic foam panels

Designing your home recording studio to get the sound you like so you can enjoy rich sound recordings doesn’t have to be complicated. With the best acoustic foam panels, you can reduce echo and reverb while significantly improving sound quality during your recording sessions. But buyer beware — not all acoustic foam tiles are created … Read more

The 10 Best Laptop Charging Carts & Storage Stations for Chromebooks & Other Laptops

Chromebook and Laptop Charging Stations and Carts

With the best laptop charging carts for schools, you can keep your class’s devices powered up and ready to use.  Keeping all the supplies organized for your students can sometimes feel like a full-time job in and of itself. And, when you add Chromebooks or laptops into the mix that also need to be charged … Read more

13 Best Microphones for Zoom Calls and Online Meetings in 2023

best microphone for zoom

With the best microphone for Zoom meetings and calls, you can feel confident that your voice will come across clearly, helping you communicate more effectively in your most important moments. With technology continuously evolving and being used more and more to complete tasks in everyday life, a microphone for Zoom calls is an essential tool … Read more

The Best Datacamp Alternatives & Competitors for Online Tech Courses

datacamp alternatives

Are you looking for reliable, unbiased info on DataCamp alternatives and competitors? If you’ve looked into online course platforms that can help you master your tech skills, chances are you’ve heard about DataCamp. It’s a fantastic website that offers a comprehensive range of data science and programming courses. However, just like any learning platform, DataCamp … Read more

Codecademy Review: The Best Website for Learning Coding?

codecademy review

If you’ve recently thought about learning to code, you’re not alone, and you might be wondering if Codecademy is the right online course platform for helping you build your skills. In our Codecademy review below, we’ll explore some of the features and benefits that make it an excellent choice for learning to code. Coding is … Read more

How to Become an Event Planner Without a Degree: Step-by-Step Guide

how to become an event planner without a degree

Looking for practical tips on how to become an event planner without a degree? Guess what? You don’t need a fancy degree or a hefty tuition bill to turn your passion for creating unforgettable experiences into a successful career. Especially with online learning platforms like Skillshare, shelling out tens of thousands of dollars for an event … Read more

Qustodio Review: What Is It and What Does it Do?

qustodio review

Thinking about trying Qustodio to keep your kids’ screen time safe and balanced? Our Qustodio review below explains why it might be the best tool out there for keeping your kids safe on their devices. As technology becomes increasingly embedded in our daily lives, more children are being given access to smartphones and devices at … Read more

The 10 Best Web Design Classes Online for Beginners and Pros Alike (2023 Guide)

best web design classes online

With the best web design classes online, you can gain the skills you need to build a thriving career in this popular field. Between hundreds of blogs and dozens of learning platforms, there’s a seemingly endless amount of web design courses online. Some courses are for beginners while others are geared toward experienced professionals. Some … Read more

5 Key Internet Safety Tips for Students

internet safety tips for students

From research assignments to staying connected with friends, students heavily rely on the internet for various activities. However, with great online opportunities comes the need for caution. As students dive into the vast virtual realm, it’s crucial to equip them with the knowledge and tools to ensure their safety and security online. In this blog … Read more

The Best VPNs for School and College (2023 Reviews & Rankings)

best vpns for school

With the best VPNs for school, students can stay safe and secure while browsing online learning materials and anything else they need to access. As more and more learning shifts to online and virtual spaces, it’s important not to overlook your digital setup. In fact, one of the most important tools you can supply yourself … Read more

What are Masterclass Sessions? Everything You Need to Know

masterclass sessions

Are you looking for info on Masterclass Sessions? Wondering what makes Masterclass Sessions different from their regular classes? MasterClass, the leading online education platform known for its world-class instructors, recently unveiled an exciting addition to its already impressive lineup of courses. Say hello to MasterClass Sessions—a new type of learning experience that takes a hands-on, … Read more

Masterclass Father’s Day Deal: Save Up to 50% Off Membership

masterclass fathers day

The Masterclass Father’s Day deal is back, and it’s better than ever! Father’s Day is just around the corner, and if you’re looking for a unique and thoughtful gift for your dad (or anyone else special in your life), MasterClass has got you covered. Known for its high-quality online courses taught by world-renowned experts and … Read more

DataCamp for Business: Everything You Need to Know

datacamp for business

We’ve all heard the quote before: “Knowledge is power.” In business, this is especially true. The more we know about our clients, customers, products, and sales, the more empowered we become to improve our business decisions. Today’s modern technology makes it easier than ever to collect huge amounts of valuable data. Yet many employees struggle … Read more

Pluralsight Pricing: Plans, Free Trial Info, & More (2023 Guide)

pluralsight pricing

If you’re interested in taking online courses so you can gain valuable skills to help further your career, you might be wondering if Pluralsight pricing is worth the cost. Pluralsight is a powerful online learning platform designed for successful self-paced learning in tech-related subjects, like Javascript, Python, AWS, Microsoft Azure,  web design, IT, online education, … Read more

Dataquest Pricing: Plans, Free Trial Info, More (2023 Guide)

dataquest pricing

Are you interested in learning about Dataquest pricing and wondering which plan is right for you? Dataquest is a popular online learning site offering lots of great data science courses with a curriculum built around engaging, real-world projects that help students apply the new skills they’re developing. The Dataquest online courses teach skills to help … Read more

Skillshare vs Masterclass: Which Course Website is Best?

skillshare vs masterclass

When it comes to learning new skills online, Skillshare and Masterclass are two of the most popular course platforms out there, but there are some key differences between the sites. In this Skillshare vs Masterclass breakdown, we’ll tell you all about the similarities and differences between the two, pointing out what each does well, where … Read more

Can You Buy a Single Masterclass? Get the Real Answer

can you buy a single masterclass

Masterclass is a popular online learning platform that offers tons of courses in a wide range of subjects. Each course on Masterclass is taught by a world-renowned expert in their field, such as Gordon Ramsay for cooking or Serena Williams for tennis. Masterclass pricing follows a subscription model (like Netflix or other streaming services), paid … Read more

MasterClass Gift Details: How to Give It, How Much It Costs, & More

masterclass gift

A MasterClass gift subscription is a one-of-a-kind present your loved one can enjoy for months to come. MasterClass is one of the most popular online learning platforms out there right now. It features self-paced online classes from over 100 celebrity instructors in a wide range of topics — all streaming direct to your phone, tablet, … Read more

Why Businesses Should Get Their Employees DataCamp Certified

datacamp certifications

Data-driven decisions are the underlying foundation of every successful company. When you’re capable of interpreting your organization’s data, you become better equipped at making good, evidence-based decisions for your business. Yet interpreting data – and using it effectively – can be a challenge for many organizations. A recent Accenture study revealed that 3 out of … Read more

The Best Skillshare Courses To Try Out Now (2023 Rankings)

best skillshare courses

Are you looking for ways to expand your knowledge and learn something new? If so, Skillshare is an excellent platform that can provide a wide variety of classes taught by professionals in different fields. It’s the perfect place to start learning about topics you’re passionate about or just become more knowledgeable on certain subjects. Whether … Read more

Camtasia Pricing: Plans, Free Trial Info, More (2023 Guide)

camtasia pricing

Have you been looking into Camtasia pricing and wondering which plan best fits your needs?

Camtasia is a premium screen recorder, video presentation software, video editing software, and even whiteboard animation app all rolled into one. The Camtasia software is compatible with Windows and macOS. Camtasia is perfect for anyone who needs to create training videos that are high in quality and easy to edit.

This article takes a look at Camtasia and all of the pricing plans available.

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Animaker Pricing: Plans, Free Trial Info, More (2023)

animaker pricing

Looking into Animaker pricing and wondering which plan would be best for you and your needs?

Animaker is an incredible DIY whiteboard animation software and video presentation app that is easy to use and makes stunning animated videos. It’s perfect for creatives of all skill levels.

In addition, Animaker has an excellent character-building tool and multiple drag-and-drop features to help you create everything from explainer videos to marketing clips to videos for your online courses.

But how much does Animaker cost? And is it worth the price?

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The 9 Best Places to Get Cheap and Free eLearning Templates

elearning templates

When creating an online course, you really have to factor in the key eLearning content features, a ton of concepts, goals, and considerations. If time-to-market is a definitive criterion or you need to focus on the content rather than the form, eLearning templates come in handy as a soft option. With the best eLearning templates, … Read more

eLearning Trackers: 7 Training Tracking Techniques for Remote Learning Environments

Tracking Systems for Remote Learning Environments

With the best eLearning trackers and training tracking software, you can easily monitor and measure the success of your learners. You can track their skills, progress, and goals to ensure they are meeting objectives and mastering the material in your online courses.  While working as an eLearning professional, I had to quickly find a method … Read more

How to Become a Chief Learning Officer: Everything You Should Know

how to become a chief learning officer

Looking for clear, accurate info on how to become a chief learning officer? Want to pursue a career in this business education niche? You’ve come to the right place. The field of corporate learning and development has exploded in recent years as more and more companies are realizing the importance of investing in their employees. … Read more

How to Become a Learning Experience Designer: Everything You Should Know

how to become a learning experience designer

So you want to find out how to become a learning experience designer? You’ve come to the right place! The field of learning experience design (LXD) is increasing, and there are plenty of opportunities for creative professionals who want to make a difference. In this post, we’ll outline the skills and qualifications you need and … Read more

The 100 Best eLearning & Instructional Design Books (2023 Guide)

Top 100 e-Learning Books

When you discover the brave new world of instructional design, there seems to be an endless list of useful resources, and hundreds – even thousands – of e-Learning books. I’ve read some 200+ (that I can remember)! Now, I’d like to share with you a list of 100 hand-picked books briefly reviewed in a single source. Since they are simply outstanding, each of these works thus earn my personal Top 100 Award.