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Hooked On Phonics Pricing: Plans, Free Trial Info, More (2023 Guide)

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By Scott Winstead

hooked on phonics pricing

Are you considering signing up for Hooked On Phonics to help your child learn how to read? Looking for more info on Hooked On Phonics pricing and plans?

You’ve come to the right place!

In the guide below, we’ll go in depth looking at the different Hooked On Phonics pricing plans, features, and offers so you can make an informed decision if it’s right for your family.

This guide has been fully updated for 2023 to provide you with current, accurate info to help you make an informed decision.

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What is Hooked On Phonics?

Hooked On Phonics is a fantastic learning app for kids ages 3 to 8 that helps them learn how to read.

This popular reading app creates an environment of positive, exciting, and enchanting learning.  It teaches kids the skills they need to become confident readers.

Hooked On Phonics is a well-designed app. It is bright, colorful, animated, musical, entertaining, and so much more, providing an experience like no other for children.

The curriculum is based on phonics instruction methodology, which has been proven to be an effective method of teaching reading.

In addition, Hooked On Phonics has a built-in reward system that your kids will love! Kids earn rewards by completing incrementally challenging activities. The rewards can then be redeemed for digital stickers and more right inside the app.

Hooked On Phonics is available on most devices. It features cute cartoon characters and catchy songs that will enchant your child. The app has made learning how to read fun. Your child will be asking to play every day.


Key Features of Hooked On Phonics

  • In-depth, comprehensive lesson plans detailing vowels, consonants, letter sounds, letter recognition, simple plurals, and more to help build literacy skills.
  • Cute and colorful animations
  • Built-in exciting reward system to keep children motivated to learn
  • Children are rewarded with funny sounds when the correct answer is selected, creating an engaging experience
  • Tons of catchy songs offer a fun method to teach kids to read
  • Variety of puzzles, games, songs, activities, short stories, and more for children to work through
  • Offline mode available on Hooked On Phonics app
  • Lessons are taught with one concept being delivered to children at a time
  • Free placement test to place child incorrect reading level
  • Additional reading support material is available through the app for an additional cost

Hooked On Phonics is a unique app. It works seamlessly through the app, web platform, and offline mode.

The app offers competitive pricing and fantastic add-ons to enhance your child’s experience and improve their reading skills.

Parents can easily set up three readers with individual profiles upon creating a Hooked On Phonics membership. This is a fantastic feature for many families with multiple young children. Parents/caregivers can easily track the progress and work of each reader under their unique profile.


How Much Does Hooked On Phonics Cost?

Hooked On Phonics offers multiple plans and products to help kids learn how to read.

Ways to enjoy Hooked On Phonics:

  • Subscription-based app – $6.99/mo (discounts available for 6 and 12-month plans)
  • Learn to Read Boxed kits – varies
  • Practice Packs – $19.99 & up a la carte
  • App + Practice Packs – $15.99/mo ($12.99/mo + $3 shipping fees)

Let’s look at the different Hooked On Phonics plans in depth…


Hooked On Phonics App Subscription

A Hooked On Phonics subscription brings enormous value to the membership holder.

You can subscribe to just the app for $6.99 a month, or save really big by getting a 6-month subscription for $29.99 or a full year for just $49.99.

You can also try the app for just $1 for an entire month.

However, in our mind, the best bet for helping a kid master reading is to get their App + Practice Packs plan, known as their Learn to Read Program.

At $15.99 per month, you get full access to the app plus monthly Practice Packs mailed to your home, containing a workbook, 2 to 3 storybooks, stickers, and hands-on materials that all align with the lessons being taught in the app.

The Hooked On Phonics app is filled with fun activities for children to work through progressively. It builds on incrementally reading skills. By combining letter recognition, letter sounds, letter combinations, and more, children quickly learn reading skills in a way that actually sticks.

Who is the Hooked On Phonics app best suited for?

Hooked On Phonics is great for everyone taking care of children ages 3 to 8. It is a helpful tool for parents to guide and support their children and for teachers to encourage and excite children already on their reading journey.

What makes Hooked On Phonics so fantastic?

Well, we could go on forever with that! The Hooked On Phonics program is outstanding. It offers competitive prices, proven strategies, and expertly created lessons. The lessons are short, simple, and easy to digest for little and entertaining, enriching, and amusing! And they use a proven teaching method that’s particularly excellent for young children.

The app also provides a wealth of resources such as interactive games and fun activities that promote educational growth and encourage eagerness to explore the world of reading.

Click here to learn more.


Hooked On Phonics Learn to Read Boxed Kits

Hooked On Phonics Learn to Read Boxed Kits make a wonderful gift! Or purchase for your own littles.

The boxed kits follow a proven system that helps children become confident readers.

The complete Learn to Read boxed kit has all reading levels and guides the child to progress slowly.

In addition to this, the Hooked On Phonics Learn to Read Boxed Kits offer children a multisensory approach to learning how to read.

Prices on these vary greatly depending on which boxed kit you purchase, but they can range from $79 all the way up to $300 or more.


Hooked On Phonics Practice Packs

Hooked On Phonics Practice Packs can be used directly with the app for additional hands-on learning.

They are an entertaining way to encourage children to practice their letter recognition, letter sounds, spelling, and more!

In addition, Hooked On Phonics Practice Packs arrive with reward stickers to continuously motivate your little to progress! Practice Packs are brightly colored and follow the app’s aesthetic, keeping children actively engaged and learning.

Pricing for the Practice Packs on their own starts at $19.99 and goes up from there.

But remember, you can bundle the app and Practice Packs for just $15.99 a month.


Hooked On Phonics Cost Q&A

Does Hooked On Phonics offer a free trial of the subscription-based app?

Hooked On Phonics offers a few lessons free of charge. This is helpful to peek around the platform and get a feel for it. Once the lessons are complete, you will be prompted to sign up. You can also try a full month of the app for just $1 before committing to a monthly subscription.

How is this software different?

There are many ways that Hooked On Phonics differs from other academic-based apps for children. For example, Hooked On Phonics doesn’t attach a grade level to children. Children are not graded with numbers to decrease any academic shame or negative feelings. Instead, Hooked On Phonics rewards children with amusing sounds, silly animations, and musical songs. It’s a learning app that doesn’t even feel like it is!

Is Hooked On Phonics helpful for improving and strengthening spelling skills?

Definitely, it is. All early literacy exposure is so important in terms of raising confident readers. The more we get littles in front of letters, books, words, etc., the more we show them what language is. Children learn to recognize common sight words quickly and, because of the repetition, increase their spelling vocabulary.

What is the significance of the reward system?

Rewards are a great way to keep young children motivated. Children usually respond well to even the simplest reward, such as a digital sticker. Children love knowing they are doing well, inspiring them to continue. That is the aim of the reward system.


Is Hooked On Phonics worth it?

If you’re looking for an excellent learn-to-read program, then most definitely Hooked On Phonics is what you need.

It offers many tools, activities, games, songs, and more to create a fantastic, enriching experience for children.

Hooked On Phonics is designed to be fun, entertaining, and exciting. Children will be delighted to watch their screen light up with bright animations.

Hooked On Phonics does a great job of instilling a positive outlook on reading. It is a fantastic app and is proven to help children become confident, successful readers.

If you’re still looking for other options, you can check out our guide to Hooked On Phonics alternatives.

Click here to try the app for just $1 for an entire month.

Have any questions about Hooked On Phonics pricing and plans? Leave us a comment below.


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