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Rocket Languages Pricing: Plans, Free Trial Info, More (2023 Guide)

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By Scott Winstead

rocket languages pricing

Are you looking for information about Rocket Languages pricing and plans?

Maybe you’re wondering if it’s worth the money, or what kind of features you can expect with Rocket Languages?

If that’s the case, then you’ve arrived at the right place!

In the guide below, we’ll tell you all about the different Rocket Languages plans, comparing their features and cost side-by-side so you can find the one that’s right for you.

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What is Rocket Languages?

Rocket Languages is a fantastic language learning app.

This educational app is very user-friendly and super intuitive.

With the help of Rocket Languages, learners can learn authentic conversational skills. Rocket Languages teaches conversational fluency to learn to chat like a local. The language software uses voice recognition to ensure the student learns the proper pronunciation of each word.

Rocket Languages incorporates different ways of teaching into its curriculum. Students experience learning through podcasts, flashcards, writing activities, interactive exercises, and so much more. The language software also allows students to repeat lessons as many times as needed to solidify what was learned.

Additionally, Rocket Languages incorporates culture into its lessons, so students learn the whole picture and not just the language.

This powerful language learning software has a fantastic 60-Day money-back guarantee. So trying it out is essentially risk-free. Rocket Languages offer various languages to choose from, beginning with different levels depending on experience and skill.


Languages on Rocket Languages

The lessons are broken into levels 1, 2, and 3. Rocket Languages lessons are created to sustain success with the chosen language.

With Rocket Languages, students can expect high-quality lessons, a wide variety of languages to choose from, and an inclusive learning space that supports many ways of learning.


Key Features of Rocket Languages

  • Access to “benchmark” tests to access current comprehension ensures you’re studying at the correct level.
  • Highlight words, sentences, and phrases in the audio transcript of the lesson for easy referral back. This is great to recognize what you need to practice with and then to be able to find those words quickly.
  • Certification testing after each module
  • Community forum to build on learning and ask questions
  • Learn popular vocabulary, phrases, sentences, listening skills, and more
  • Lessons can be downloaded for offline learning with the Rocket Languages app
  • Lifetime access to courses once purchased
  • Lessons are packed with valuable information. (Cultural tips, local slang and vocabulary, and more.)
  • High-quality audio
  • Audio files include a voice recognition button to encourage practicing pronunciation.
  • Skip through the lessons and learn what you need/want to. Students receive lifetime access to lessons upon purchase and ultimately control their learning journey on Rocket Languages.
  • Valuable role-play exercises to incorporate new language skills in daily conversation
  • 60-Day money-back guarantee
  • Free trial

Rocket Languages has an extensive list of key features that set it apart from other language learning software. So whether you want to learn a brand new language, brush up on one to take a trip, or need to learn a new language for business reasons, Rocket Languages is the platform to check out.

The dynamic language learning software offers a free trial with limited access to lessons and exercises. This is very helpful to get a feel for the style of lessons the student can expect and learn the software. Upon finishing the complimentary trial lessons, the student will then be prompted to unlock the rest by purchasing them with a one-time payment.

Rocket Languages really is incredible software. They’ve made learning a language seem feasible.

Additionally, in their lessons, you’ll find culture-specific components making it perfect for travelers. Rocket Languages puts the student in the driver’s seat of the learning ride, and they can control the lessons, the playback, pause, stop, replay, etc. The software values the student, and you can see that at every point of the experience.

So, wait, how much does it cost? Great question!

Let’s get started with our Rocket Languages pricing overview.


How Much Does Rocket Languages Cost?

Rocket Languages are broken into three levels. Students can purchase the levels individually or as bundles. Lessons aim to get the student to a conversational level of the chosen language. Each level includes hours of lesson time, voice recognition phrases, interactive audio lessons, culture and language lessons, and more.

Rocket Languages Level 1 – $149.95

Rocket Languages has lessons for many languages. Each language is broken into three levels. Each level contains a mixture of audio, language, and culture lessons.

Throughout the platform, the average cost of a level 1 language course is $149.95. In addition, Rocket Languages frequently hosts sales and savings opportunities, and currently, a level 1 course is $99.95 (a savings of 33%!)


Level 1 Rocket Italian

Like the software’s other level 1 courses, this course is suitable for skill levels beginner to intermediate. It promises to teach conversational skills and get the student fluent.

Level 1 Rocket Italian includes:

  • 132 hours of lesson time
  • 2240 voice recognition phrases
  • 33 interactive audio lessons
  • 33 language and culture lessons
  • Bonus survival kit ($49.95 value)
  • 60-day refund
  • Instant lifetime access


Level 1 Rocket French includes:

  • 172 hours of lesson time
  • 3840 voice recognition phrases
  • 33 interactive audio lessons
  • 53 language and culture lessons
  • Bonus survival kit ($49.95 value)
  • 60-day refund
  • Instant lifetime access

Each language has a different amount of these key features listed above.


Level 1&2 Rocket Spanish

Rocket Languages split the levels into the following:

  • Level 1
  • Level 1 & Level 2
  • Level 1, Level 2, & Level 3

The Rocket Spanish Level 1&2 package costs $299.90, but with the savings of 17%, it is $249.90. This price includes both of the levels and teaches students the skills to become confident conversationalists.


Level 1&2 Rocket Spanish Includes:

  • 244 hours of lesson time
  • 5807 voice recognition phrases
  • 66 interactive audio lessons
  • 56 language and culture lessons
  • Two bonus survival kits ($99.90 value)
  • 60-day refund – no questions asked
  • Instant lifetime access


Level 1&2 Rocket German – the same price as Rocket Spanish listed above.

  • 256 hours of lesson time
  • 4315 voice recognition phrases
  • 66 interactive audio lessons
  • 62 language and culture lessons
  • Two bonus survival kits ($99.90 value)
  • 60-day money-back guarantee
  • Instant lifetime access

While the levels differ slightly with the amount, you can get a general idea of what a Level 1 and Level 2 course contains and the cost.

Lastly is the bundle of levels 1, 2, and 3. This bundle for every language course on Rocket Languages offers the best value and the most savings. It aims to take a novice speaker and turn them into a confident one with excellent conversational skills.


Level 1,2&3 Rocket Japanese –  regular – $449.85 save 42% – $259.90

  • 380 hours of lesson time
  • 7240 voice recognition phrases
  • 98 interactive audio lessons
  • 92 culture and language lessons
  • Three bonus survival kits ($149.85 value)
  • 84 writing lessons
  • 60-day money-back guarantee
  • Instant lifetime access


Who is Rocket Languages Best Suited For?

Rocket Languages is best suited for anyone wanting to learn a language.

Whether you’re a traveler and need to learn simple travel terms, or a well-versed business person needing to expand your vocabulary, Rocket Languages is for you.

Courses are divided into levels, and students fully control their learning. Skip through lessons, go back and review, or go ahead; it’s up to you!


Rocket Languages Pricing FAQ

Is there a free version of Rocket Languages?

There isn’t a free version of the software, but you can access a free trial. Unfortunately, it is limited to a handful of lessons, but it is long enough to see how you like it.

What forms of payment do Rocket Languages accept?

Rocket Languages accepts PayPal and major credit cards.

Okay, Rocket Languages sounds cool, but why would I need to learn another language?

Great question! First, Rocket Languages IS cool. Second, learning a new language is fantastic. It can strengthen your resume, increase job opportunities, improve memory and critical thinking skills, and much more. I think the better question is why not!

How is Rocket Languages an inclusive learning platform?

Rocket Languages has created courses and lessons that appeal to many forms of learning. Whether you learn best by seeing, hearing, reading, or writing, Rocket Languages is a great place for you. Each lesson is created using voice, audio, writing, and reading activities. It is a very well-rounded software.

What is a bonus survival kit?

A Rocket Languages survival kit extends what the student is already learning. It features vocabulary lists on various topics.


Is Rocket Languages Worth the Cost?

We certainly believe so! Rocket Languages has a vast selection of languages and fantastic lessons for each. In addition, the software puts the student in charge of their own learning and has created several different learning exercises.

Rocket Languages is for you if:

  • You want to learn a new language
  • You’re self-driven and self-motivated
  • You’re a traveler, and you need to learn destination-appropriate words
  • You’re an international student
  • You’re doing business in another country

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