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Audext Pricing, Plans, Free Trial Info, More (2023)

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By Scott Winstead

audext pricing

Are you looking for info on Audext pricing so you can decide which plan best fits your needs?

Audext is transcription software that makes converting audio to text effortless.

It was created to save time, and that’s precisely what it does. With fast transcription speeds, users can convert speeches, lectures, interviews, and more and quickly convert it to text.

In addition, Audext offers exceptional editing tools, including a text editor right in the software. It requires a few seconds to upload text, and the software can transcribe one hour of audio in only ten minutes.

Audext offers an accessible payment structure. The fee is determined by a calculation using the number of audio hours the user has.

Audext offers several different plans that include:

  • Classic
  • Subscription
  • Enterprise
  • Manual Professional Transcription

The fee for each plan is determined by the number of hours of transcribing that the user requires.  With the help of Audext, users can quickly transform audio into text files. It is highly beneficial for those in the social media industry, students, and so much more.

Let’s get started with our guide to Audext pricing plans.

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How Much Does Audext Cost?

There are a few different plans that Audext offers. The fee for each plan is dependent on the number of audio hours that require transcription. The three plans are called Classic (one-off purchases), Subscription, and Enterprise.

The Classic plan for a la carte transcription jobs typically costs about $12 per hour of content you need transcribed. Some discounts are available depending on the number of hours you need transcribed.

The Subscription plan is ideal for businesses that require high volumes of audio transcription. It costs $30 per month and includes 2 hours of transcription each month and significant discounts for any additional hours transcribed.

The Enterprise plan is the best choice for larger businesses that require lots of hours of transcription each month. It includes 5 hours of transcription each month and even bigger discounts for additional hours transcribed. Pricing is done on a custom basis.

Compare the Audext plans in the article below. In addition, we will explore details, features, potential savings, and free trial information.


Audext Classic Plan

Audext offers a great plan without a reoccurring cost.

This plan sets a fee based on the number of hours of transcription are required.

This Audext plan offers 30 free trial minutes available for 7 days. After that, each next hour required for transcription is $12.

Audext offers free editing and sharing.

In addition to this, Audext offers excellent support 24/7.

With this plan, you can upgrade and subscribe at any point.

This plan is available for audio for up to 30 hours.

The Classic plan is excellent for those who do not want a monthly bill and only need to transcribe audio to text occasionally. There is a significant discount available once 10 and 20 hours of audio is met.

Click here to learn more.


Audext Subscription Plan

The Audext Subscription plan is an excellent plan for anyone requiring regular, ongoing transcription services.

Upon signing up with a Subscription plan, users enjoy an expanded array of benefits.

This plan offers 30 free trial minutes, 2 hours of transcription, and additional hours costing only $5 per hour.

In addition to these features, the Subscription plan includes free editing and sharing, support and the option to cancel at any time.

Click here to learn more.


Audext Enterprise Plan

The Audext Enterprise plan is a custom-created plan for businesses.

It includes 30 free trial minutes and 5 hours of transcription time.

This plan creates a custom price for additional needed hours as well as massive discounts.

Audext offers free editing and sharing, excellent customer support, and the option to cancel at any time.

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Audext Manual Professional Transcription Plan

The Audext Manual professional transcription plan has an accuracy rate of 99%.

It automatically has timestamps, accent identification and speaker recognition.

It is an excellent plan for those who want the highest level of accuracy.

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Audext Pricing Q&A

Does Audext offer monthly and one-time payment plans?

Yes. Audext offers the Classic plan, which doesn’t have a reoccurring monthly cost but rather just one-time when the service is required. The monthly plan offers a low cost depending on the hours of audio needing to be transcribed. Audext also offers custom-created plans for businesses.

How much does one minute of manual professional transcribing cost?

The price for this transcribing begins at $1.20/minute.

What is the main difference between manual and automatic transcription?

The main difference between the two different transcription services is the accuracy rate. The accuracy of the professional manual transcription is ninety-nine percent. In addition, automatic transcription is less expensive than manual and is completed in a shorter amount of time.

Which audio formats are compatible with Audext?

The audio formats that are compatible with Audext are:

  • Mp3
  • WAV
  • OGG
  • WMA
  • M4A
  • MP4

What form of payment does Audext accept?

Audext accepts major credit cards.

What languages is Audext available in?

Audext is available in more than sixty languages with the automatic transcribing service. The professional, manual services are completed by native speakers.


Audext Pricing Review

Automatic Audext Transcription – $5/hour – This plan is accurate with clear audio files. It has an approximate 80% accuracy rate. It is available in sixty-plus languages and delivers the text quickly. The automatic transcription can deliver one hour of audio in under ten minutes!

Professional Transcription – $1.20/minute – This plan is best known for its accuracy. It has an accuracy rate of ninety-nine percent and is done by 100% native speakers. It is accurate for all types of audio (regardless of its’ clarity) and can be ready within two business days.


Benefits of Audext

There are many benefits to Audext, so we thought we should remind you of them!

  • Flexible payment plans – Choose the plan and payment structure that works best for your needs. The price is based on the number of audio hours.
  • Two options of transcription – Choose between Professional and Automatic transcription services.
  • Both automatic and professional services offer high accuracy rates and quick delivery times.
  • Save time with the efficiency of transcribing audio files.
  • Built-in text editor so any mistakes can be corrected right in Audext.
  • Timestamping
  • Many audio formats are available.
  • Transcribe video to text
  • Works even with background noise.
  • Speaker identification


Other Useful Resources

Click here to visit the Audext website to get started.

Have any questions about Audext pricing? Just drop a comment below and we’ll help you out.

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