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The 8 Best Online Education Courses Worth Trying (2023 Reviews & Rankings)

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By Fatima Mansoor

online education courses

With the best online education courses, teachers and others in the profession can gain new skills to better serve their students and level up their careers.

The field of education is always evolving as new technologies and methodologies are introduced, and the best educators do everything they can to stay on the cutting edge of their profession.

But with the demands of the job, it can be difficult to find the time or money to take courses that will help improve their skills.

Thankfully, there are now a number of online education courses that professionals can take advantage of to gain new skills without having to sacrifice their time or budget.

We’ve reviewed and rated the top education classes online based on critical factors, including content, instructor quality, and student reviews.


1. Google Classroom for Teachers (Skillshare)

Google Classroom for Teachers (Skillshare) Google Classroom for Teachers (Skillshare)

This course will show you how to become a master of Google Classroom as a teacher.

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Skillshare offers a 1-Month Free Trial. After that, the price is $167.88 per year. See our Skillshare review for more info.


29 minutes

Are you struggling to manage Google Classroom from a teacher’s point of view? Then get enrolled in this course offered by SkillShare where you will learn how to use Google Classroom to handle the assignments and much more.

Many schools around the globe are bound to make substantial changes to provide quality coursework and for that, they are making themselves tech-savvy. They have shifted the outdated teaching method to a more advanced digital class. Now for arranging lessons, distributing materials and assignments, and connecting with students, Google Classroom is everyone’s favorite choice.

This brief course attempts to help you climb to the top of the learning curve to make you understand what Google Classroom is and what features it offers. Alex Nussbaumer is the instructor of this course. He is an expert guide for individuals searching for a quick introduction to Google Classroom with the most information in the least amount of time.

There are no prerequisites for this course. Anyone who wants to shift their expertise to Google Class in the near future can get this course.

What You Will Learn

The course will make you learn about

  • Basics of Google Classroom and how to run it
  • How to add assignments and check them
  • How to make your own personal classroom
  • How to cope with deadlines and manage students in the class


2.  Professional Certificate in Online Teaching for Educators: Development and Delivery (edX)

Online Teaching for Educators: Development and Delivery Professional Certificate | edX Online Teaching for Educators: Development and Delivery Professional Certificate | edX

Discover how to create and deliver effective online learning experiences in this powerful course.

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2 months if 5 to 7 weeks of learning are given every week

Planning to shift your expertise to online instruction? Then this Professional Certificate will help you through it

The instructors and administrators around the world continue to struggle with the move to online instructions. However, navigating the online world may be hectic, complex, and intimidating, especially when catering to a wide range of student demands.

Many of us feel unprepared and overwhelmed when it comes to planning and creating high-quality and effective online course content that promotes student engagement. This hands-on professional certificate program for administrators and students will teach you how to effectively plan, implement, develop, and deliver engaging and long-lasting online classes. You will also learn to evaluate and deploy pedagogical tools, as well as participate in strategic decisions about online course design, learning, and teaching.

In short, this training will assist educators who have transitioned to online learning and are finding it difficult to manage it.

What Will You Learn

By the end of this course students would be capable to:

  • Apply instructional design ideas and techniques
  • Evaluate and adopt educational technologies
  • Identify and deploy tools and systems for learning management
  • Design a strategic plan for establishing an online course or program
  • Create supportive and enriching virtual teaching and learning environments
  • To teach effectively in online and blended formats to meet student learning goals

Learn more about edX in our full edX review.


3. BE A WINNER: Become a Winning Educator at a Demanding School (Udemy)

BE A WINNER: Become a Winning Educator at a Demanding School | Udemy BE A WINNER: Become a Winning Educator at a Demanding School | Udemy

This online course teaches you the mindset and skills you need to be a successful, happy teacher.

We earn a commission if you make a purchase, at no additional cost to you.




2 hours and 11 minutes

If you are looking for a simple yet powerful course for educators to raise your standard and performance then this course should be your first choice.

Becoming a Winning Educator at a demanding School acts as a rallying point for instructors who need to be reminded of why they entered the field of teaching in the first place. Nikki and Wesley, the instructors of this course, are co-founders of the “Be a Winner” movement which teaches educators how to build a positive mindset as well as skills for dealing with a variety of scenarios that may arise in the classroom.

It emphasizes the importance of having a winning mentality and assists you in determining why you choose to teach and what you may get from it. This program would be beneficial to new instructors who are seeking to find their place in the academic world, as well as educators who have become disillusioned by the rigor of teaching daily.

In short, this program is simple yet powerful for people seeking some guidance to upscale their careers in the academic world.

What You Will Learn

The course is simple and so beneficial to teach you:

  • Be more engaging and influential by using a wide range of strategies and techniques
  • Be well equipped with a winning mindset for anticipated hurdles
  • recognize good and healthy behavior in students and other school staff members
  • Improve your communication skills to build stronger bonds with coworkers and pupils
  • Be more aware of what a winning attitude entails
  • Gain a better understanding of why certain actions occur
  • Become more optimistic about the world around you


4.  The Teacher and Social and Emotional Learning (SEL) Specialization (Coursera)


Get started free


Approximately 6 months if 3 hours of learning is given every week

You can make an emotional connection with your kids and yourself by getting enrolled in this course.

Social and Emotional Learning programs have exploded in popularity in schools during the last decade. In this course, Dan Liston and Randy Testa the instructors of this course have reflected on many emotions in teaching and learning, as well as various rationales for why a teacher’s social and emotional learning is necessary.

Social and emotional learning is a relatively new approach to education and human development that is quickly gaining popularity. It examines how people acquire knowledge, attitudes, and skills, as well as how they apply them to form healthy identities, manage emotions, and achieve desired goals.

Self-awareness, relational skills, self-management, social awareness, and responsible decision-making are the five student competencies emphasized in this learning program. This is a five-course program and it examines higher-education SEL initiatives.

In short, this Social and Emotional learning course will be most useful to educators who want to include SEL train in their classroom lessons.

What You Will Learn

This course will make you competent enough to:

  • Make an emotional connection with your kids
  • Implement social and emotional learning initiatives in their school communities effectively
  • Understand the ideas and benefits of social and emotional learning for both teachers and students
  • Convey the leadership qualities to their schools


5.  Diploma in Teaching Skills for Educators (Alison)


Free of cost


10 to 15 hours

A diploma in teaching skills for Educators will teach you effective classroom management practices, including communication and planning abilities.

This course will educate you on how to become a more effective teacher as being a teacher needs more than just knowledge. You can improve your talents right now with this course as it will teach you how to interact successfully with your students, conduct effective instructional planning in the classroom, and how to interact successfully with your students.

It is one of the most popular learning courses with more than thousands of learners. You will learn about verbal and non-verbal classroom communication, setting educational goals, and encouraging students.

This course is highly regarded on the platform, with over 80,000 students enrolled in it. However, it is great training for educators who wish to brush up on their skills without spending an arm or a leg.

What You Will Learn

After completing this course you will be able to:

  • Identify various functions like how communication serves in schools
  • Describe communication in ways that please the class
  • Include benefits and drawbacks of four main communication issues
  • Effectively use verbal and non-verbal communication


6.  The Online Educator: People and Pedagogy (FutureLearn)


You can get this course for free or get unlimited access to it for $24/month


4 weeks

Online education gives teachers the knowledge and skills they need to create and innovate online instructional materials. This course is ideal for those teachers who want to learn how to bundle and display online learning resources in the most effective way for their students.

The Institute of Educational Technology has created this course that debunks the myths about teaching. The instructors of this course have encouraged the learners to use methods from educational technology to improve their online teaching. As e-learning is becoming more common nowadays, online educators must create learning experiences that engage and suit the needs of a wide range of students.

You can interact with other students too with this course. You can share your views, and participate in active conversations in the comments anytime. You have the chance to improve your teaching techniques through videos, peer discussion, and quizzes.

What You Will Learn

You will be able to:

  • Create compelling courses
  • Make your classroom more inclusive, define your digital identity, and manage online research ethics
  • Create personas to help with online learning design
  • Determine the most important challenges concerning online learning accessibilities
  • Use accessibilities guidelines when teaching online
  • Improve your current digital identity for the future
  • Discuss the interaction between content, technology people, and pedagogy


7. The Art of Storytelling: Early Childhood Educators (Udemy)




1 hour 3 minutes

The Art of storytelling is designed for those teachers who want to learn how to construct and arrange relevant classroom activities with the help of effective storytelling techniques and methods.

It will help you to improve your storytelling abilities. It will assist you in developing engaging stories and keeping students engaged in the classroom. Not only teachers will get benefit from this course but parents and caregivers will also learn new techniques to tell stories that will help them build their bond with their children.

You’ll also learn about Storytelling’s imaginative props and classroom sets, which greatly enhance the experience and foster a positive relationship with books and stories for young children. These can aid in drawing children’s attention to stories and enhancing their comprehension.

What You Will Learn

Storytelling and engaging classroom activities are important for improving children’s listening and creativity skills. This course will make you learn:

  • Fundamental and essential parts of storytelling
  • Create story-telling setups in the classroom
  • Make colorful and inventive props to engage students
  • Narrat already existing stories in your own words
  • A thorough understanding of effective storytelling techniques and methods to engage the audience


8. Get Organized: How to be a Together Teacher (Coursera)


Get started free


Approximately 8 hours to complete

This training is for classroom teachers who have to balance time-sensitive tasks with often-exhausting teaching schedules. The no-nonsense approach to “togetherness” taught in this course will help all teachers, from the pen-and-paper list maker to the tech-savvy digital maven.

The Together Teacher addresses the purpose of planning, gives tools for tracking time commitments, projects, and deadlines, and assists teachers in developing a personal organizing system that interacts with their day-to-day activities, all with an eye toward long-term sustainability.

The Together Teacher is a tool that can help you create a personal organization system that works best for you. You can take the advantage of this course when you have free time during the day and when you have a plan in place to make.

What You Will Learn

By the end of this course learners will be able to:

  • Assess their skills and shortcomings
  • Set a goal for the remainder of the course
  • Get examples from real teachers on how to create a weekly worksheet
  • Making a single to-do list
  • To make all of their work look organized



A Final Word on Online Education Courses

In today’s world, education is constantly evolving. Teachers must continually adapt their methods to keep up with the latest research and technology.

One way to stay ahead of the curve is to take online education courses. These courses offer a convenient way to learn about new educational approaches and techniques.

Furthermore, they may even be a great way to earn continuing education credits.

In addition to staying up-to-date with the latest education trends, taking online courses can also help teachers build new skills and knowledge.

And don’t forget, many of these online course platforms offer a free trial period, giving you a great chance to check them out before committing to a purchase.

Have any questions about our guide to the best online education courses? Comment below and we’ll answer.

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