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NAS Academy Review (2023): The Online Learning Platform for Creators

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By Fatima Mansoor

nas academy review

Nas Academy is an online learning site offering courses in content creation, business, cryptocurrency, and more, and as we’ll discuss in this Nas Academy review, it’s a great platform for creators, students, and businesses looking to master new skills.

These days, paying for a degree from an expensive university isn’t necessary to get a good education. Online learning platforms like Nas Academy offer all the training you need to build in-demand skills for the job market of the future.

Nas Academy offers free workshops (yes, they are really free), live classes that let you interact with the teachers, and quality classes aimed at content creators and other creative types who want to monetize their skills.

The courses on Nas Academy range from content creation (videographyphotography, etc.) to business (digital marketing, entrepreneurship, etc.) to cryptocurrency, and more.


What is Nas Academy?

Nas Academy is an online learning platform designed to help creators get the training they need to monetize their skills and take their profession to the next level. There are online courses for creators, students, and businesses.

If you’re under the impression that Nas Academy is just another one of the many online learning platforms, you’d be pretty surprised to know its numerous unique features.

It’s a portal that can turn you into a content-creating star overnight.

That’s because the nature of courses available on this site mainly revolves around photography, digital marketing, writing, etc.

If, by now, you’ve drawn a connection between Nas Daily and Nas Academy, let us tell you that you’re absolutely right! The founder of both the platforms is the same Nuseir Yassin who you see in Nas Daily videos every now and then.

If you aim to make a career in the digital world, Nas Academy can be a great platform to venture in because of its wide variety of courses.

When diving into the courses, you can be an absolute novice and emerge as a professional ready to put things into action.

The platform also has a number of courses for people who are already doing well on sites like YouTube to help them up to their game and get better at it every passing day.

If you see yourself being a successful content creator in the near future, make sure you check out Nas Academy before publishing your work.


Who Teaches on Nas Academy?

nas academy instructors

A competent professional teaches each course at Nas Academy in the respective fields. The platform firmly believes in the concept of “for creators, by creators”; this means that the learning environment of your course is not like the average classroom.

Since their teachers were once content creators themselves (or still are, in most cases), your experience is guaranteed to be more wholesome as compared to other platforms.

You can also get a direct insight into the struggles of a content creator because your teacher has gone through it all.


What Can You Learn At Nas Academy?

nas academy courses

Nas Academy offers courses in a diverse range of subjects, mostly based on content creation, business, and crypto. Since all three of these domains have an entire realm of topics within them, you don’t have to worry about not finding the niche you’re searching for.

From learning the art of photography to effectively marketing your NFTs, Nas Academy has got you covered. The courses don’t just focus on content creation and Youtube, though; you can also learn all about digital currencies on this platform. Be it investing in crypto or using it for your business, the courses available at Nas Academy can make you well-equipped with all of these things.

Mastering digital currencies or studying marketing is significant if you intend to make money online. Since content creation mainly revolves around the internet these days, you should always keep yourself aware of all the feasible options. You wouldn’t want a payment hassle after working hard on a youtube video just because you don’t own a digital wallet.

The portal isn’t just limited to professionals already working in the field, though; if you’re a newbie and have no idea about where to start and what content to work around with, the courses available on his website can be very helpful for you. You can take up the introductory lessons of several courses to test where your interests lie.


How Much Does Nas Academy Cost?

Nas Academy pricing varies depending on the courses you’re taking.

The cost of a course or “degree program” usually range between $29 and $450. Nas Academy will often bundle courses on a specific topic together and offer them at a discounted rate, providing you with a way to save.

Nas Academy also offers around 10 free workshops every week that you can take without paying a thing. This is a good way to get a feel for the type of content offered on the platform.


How Does Nas Academy Pricing Compare To Other Platforms?

Nas Academy is one of the best online learning platforms out there, and what really makes it unique is its large focus on courses for creators.

But how does the cost of Nas Academy compare to other online learning platforms?

Let’s compare:


How Does Nas Academy Work?

Using Nas Academy is pretty easy.

Students can buy individual courses according to their needs or can also invest in bundles.

Bundles allow you full access to multiple courses at a time. If you’re a student looking forward to mastering a niche, bundles will be a very good option considering that you will require multiple courses to understand better.

Nas Academy is a great option for anyone wanting to learn about content creation. If you have beginner creative skills and want to become an expert, this is the platform for you.


How To Sign Up For Nas Academy

Signing up for classes on Nas Academy is quick and easy.

Simply go to the site, browse the courses, and once you find one you’re interested in, you can create an account and sign up for the class.

You’ll be notified when the class opens up and sent instructions for enrolling and taking the course once it’s available.


Nas Academy Features Explained

Here’s a list of all the major features available on Nas Academy:

  • Complete access to all the resources and course material
  • Courses are completely online and can be taken from any device you want, be it smartphones, laptops, desktops, or smart TVs
  • Multiple free workshops available weekly
  • Community engagement with like-minded people helps improve knowledge intake and gives support.
  • A collection of courses can be taken together to earn a ‘degree’.
  • Teachers are available to address your issues directly


Is Nas Academy Worth It?

With its perks and features, we would say Nas Academy is worth every penny.

If you compare Nas Academy with all the other platforms in the market right now, you’ll see how it stands out with its courses aimed at content creators.

The kinds of courses available at Nas Academy are hardly found elsewhere. Crypto, YouTube content creation, digital marketing, etc., are all fields that are still relatively new in the market, and people are still learning to adapt to them.


Get Started With Nas Academy

Using Nas Academy, you can gain the skills you need to monetize your creative talents.

With its wide range of courses, you will find a relevant course for yourself in no time at all, regardless of whether you’re a beginner or a professional.

Click here to get started with Nas Academy today.

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