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The 10 Best Online Form Builders Worth Trying (2023 Reviews & Rankings)

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By Fatima Mansoor

best online form builders

With the best online form builders, you can quickly and easily create forms for a variety of applications, including contact forms, surveys, interactive quizzes, event registration forms, and more.

You might think that creating forms requires coding skills or at least a working knowledge of HTML, but that’s not the case anymore. These days, there are plenty of form-building tools that allow you to create complex forms without any coding whatsoever.

What’s more, many of these online form builders come with a wide range of features and options, so you can easily customize your forms to fit your specific needs.

In this article, we’ll introduce you to the best online form builders available today. We’ll also provide an overview of some of the key features to look for in a form builder, so you can choose the tool that’s best for your needs.

We’ve reviewed and ranked the best tools for creating online forms based on a variety of key factors, including ease of use, features, pricing, and more.

Let’s get started…

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What is an Online Form Builder?

Online form builders are tools that mainly help in curating and generating fillable forms for a variety of applications, like surveys, questionnaires, quizzes, contact forms, event registrations, and more.

Form builders make your job easy so that you can focus on the relevant information as opposed to spending hours on creating the form itself.


What to Look for When Choosing an Online Form Builder

An online form builder is useful if it has the following features:

  • Easy to navigate and has a user-friendly interface and/or guides
  • Customizable to incorporate your branding and allow changes like colors, schematics, design, etc.
  • Shareable so your audience can fill in the form without any hassle
  • Provides tools and features to study the data collected
  • Lets you easily export forms and data
  • Flexible with all kinds of forms such as surveys, quizzes, questionnaires, etc.


What are the Best Online Form Builders in 2023?

Now that you have a clear understanding of what to look for, here are some of the best online form builders worth trying…

1. Jotform

Jotform Jotform

Jotform is a powerful web-based tool that makes it super fast and easy to create, share, and collect forms for every type of application.

We earn a commission if you make a purchase, at no additional cost to you.

Jotform is a web-based tool that allows users to create, share, and collect forms, and it’s our pick for the best online form builder out there today.

This powerful tool includes a drag-and-drop form builder, which makes it easy to create complex forms for just about any type of application without any coding knowledge. Its easy-to-use format helps you make the most of the platform without being well-versed in it.

Another reason we rank Jotform as the best online form builder is that it lets you customize anything and everything – your form can be an actual extension of your brand because of the custom tools.

Jotform also offers a wide range of features, including the ability to add images, videos, and maps to forms, as well as integrations with popular services like Dropbox and Google Drive.

In addition, Jotform users can collect payments via PayPal, Stripe, Square, and other tools.

With its ease of use and comprehensive features, Jotform is an ideal solution for anyone who needs to create a form, whether it’s for collecting payments, hosting quizzes, getting email list signups, or just about anything else.

You can check out our Jotform review or keep reading below for a look at its features.

Key Features

  • Tons of form templates to create any type of form
  • Integrations with countless other business tools
  • User-friendly form submission interface
  • Allows payment collection via forms
  • HIPAA compliance which makes the platform a lot safer
  • Pre-fill features save you time when you’re extracting or filling information
  • Allows file conversion into PDF so that it’s easy to store


Jotform has a free online form builder plan along with three paid plans that give you access to more features:

  • Bronze: $34/ month (billed annually)
  • Silver: $39/ month (billed annually)
  • Gold: $99/ month (billed annually)

Click here to try Jotform for free.


2. Google Forms

If you didn’t know already, your Google account could come in very handy when you need to design a form.

One perk of Google Forms is that it lets you integrate with other Google apps easily, which in turn increases efficiency and saves a lot of time. Google Sheets, Google Analytics, and Google Drive are all portals that are actively used by businesses, so having a form builder which is compatible with all of them proves to be a great advantage.

The best part about this powerful form builder tool is that the majority of its features are available for free if you already have a Google account.

The platform may be restrictive in terms of customizations, but it is a beneficial choice for individuals who don’t want a cheap solution for their form building.

Key Features

  • Has a user-friendly interface
  • Provides you with several pre-designed templates for collecting form responses
  • Enables collaborative working
  • Easily integrates with most of Google’s ventures
  • Allows up to 5 TB of cloud storage depending on the plan
  • Video meetings and attendance tracking increases productivity and helps you keep a check of the progress


  • Business Starter – $6/ Month
  • Business Standard – $12/ Month
  • Business Plus – $18/ Month
  • Enterprise: Custom quotes


3. Formstack

If you’re looking for an online form builder tool that keeps things strictly professional, Formstack might be just the right choice for you. This tool is known to produce web forms that are simple to read yet have an elegant look to them.

Aside from its collaborative features, Formstack also takes care of protecting your data by inculcating HIPAA compliance in its framework. This means that you don’t have to worry about your forms or data getting into the wrong hands because Formstack’s security measures are there to keep everything under control.

This form-building tool is specifically popular in healthcare industries and large-scale businesses.

Key Features

  • High-level customization helps you add branding to your forms.
  • Offers up to eight payment applications
  • More than 60 tools can be easily integrated with the platform.
  • Conversation Kit helps you get a better understanding of the platform and also provides you with features like auto-fill, partial submissions, etc.
  • All the features are extremely easy to navigate, even for newbies.
  • Up to 10 GB of files can be easily uploaded and exported in the advanced plans


Formstack has a few plans to suit all your needs:

  • Forms: Starting at $50/month billed annually
  • Suite: Starting at $66/month billed annually


4. Typeform

If you want your forms to have a quirky touch to them without having to pay an exuberant amount, this online form builder app is here to help you achieve that.

Typeform has been a famous name in the market for quite a while because its main target is small-business owners. This means that the pricing is also a lot cheaper than other options while also having a treasure chest of features.

This platform is also particularly famous for creating custom forms that are interactive with the readers; this increases the average response rate and also proves to be much more successful in terms of holding the user’s attention.

Key Features

  • Provides you with a fun, interactive interface that increases productivity
  • Allows you to customize anything and everything so that your forms have your brand’s identity
  • Lets you create reports that have maximum readability
  • Provides you with a wide range of form templates that often align with your requirements
  • Supports multiple integrations such as Autopilot, Airtable, Pipedrive, etc
  • No restriction to the number of forms or questions
  • Live chat and customer support ensure a positive experience.


TypeForm has three plans to choose from:

  • Basic: $25/Month
  • Plus: $50/Month
  • Business: $83/ Month


5. Wufoo

Looking for an old-fashioned, simple solution for your forms? Wufoo is a popular form builder that offers simplicity and straightforwardness in its designs.

Many people regard Wufoo’s simple design as a con but dig a little deeper, and you’d see how this online form builder is as efficient as most modern tools.

With over 400 form templates, Wufoo promises you a worthwhile experience with its wide range of tools and features. Add to it the high amount of practicality, and you’ll soon find yourself being highly dependent on the platform for form building.

Key Features

  • Multiple Tools like Salesforce, Zapier, and Mailchimp can easily be integrated
  • Double submissions will instantly be notified so that you don’t end up messing with the document count
  • Closing can be automated at the threshold
  • Lets you add custom brandings
  • Advanced plans allow payment collection via forms


Wufoo has a free version with limited features, and here’s a look at the rest of its plans:

  • Starter: $14.08/ Month
  • Professional: $29.08/ Month
  • Advanced: $74.08/ Month
  • Ultimate: $183.25/ Month


6. Zoho Forms

If your forms are not simple and require advanced features, consider investing in Zoho Forms. The platform has a variety of complex features which help you design forms that do much more than data collection.

Zoho Forms lets you attempt designing situation-specific forms- this doesn’t just help in having a more systematic, compartmentalized version of information but also makes you prepared for future workings with the same information. You can also embed your forms across multiple web pages for an enhanced engagement rate. With over 30 fields, Zohoforms is known to perform efficiently to give its users an all-rounding experience.

Key Features

  • Lets you receive payments via forms in a secure way
  • Has a mobile app that adds to the convenience
  • Multiple features enable you to customize forms according to your brand’s aesthetics
  • Salesforce and Google Drive are just two of the many platforms which can be integrated with Zohoforms
  • Multiple Zoho services can be synced with the platform for increased efficiency
  • Supports more than 10,000 submissions depending on the plan you choose
  • A minimum of 500 MB of storage is supported that only goes up with each plan


Here’s an overlook of Zoho Forms pricing:

  • Basic: $10/month
  • Standard: $25/month
  • Professional; $50/month
  • Premium: $90/month


7. WPForms

If you’ve only just started feeling the need to invest in an online form builder, chances are that your lack of knowledge will be a hindrance once you start designing. To save yourself this hassle, WPForms will be an excellent choice due to their easy-to-use format.

The platform targets people who’re new to the field and provides them with simple features so that they can learn how online forms work in a short amount of time.

WPForms is also famous for time-saving and creating conditional logic forms, so if your nature of work is similar, the platform might be more beneficial for you as compared to others.

Key Features

  • Over 100 form templates are available for quick form generation
  • Offers a good amount of customization
  • No limit to the number of forms and submissions
  • Allows data routing and user segmentation
  • Lets you create forms of multiple types such as polls, surveys, or newsletters


WPForms offers four plans:

  • Basic: $49.50/year
  • Plus: $99.50/year
  • Pro: $199.50/year
  • Elite: $299.50/year


8. Moosend

Are email lists a regular part of your forms? If yes, then Moosend is an online form builder meant just for you.

It increases your lead generation by a significant margin, along with drag-and-drop interfaces, which simplify things.

Be it Modal Pop-ups, Inline forms, or floating bars, Moosend has tools and features for everything. The platform helps ‘form your form’ in a way that tends to enhance data collection so that the purpose of circulating forms is achieved to the fullest. You can also use a branching tactic to send the users more questions relating to their answers.

Key Features

  • Multiple automatic features that quicken up the process
  • Automated workflows help in a smooth transfer of data
  • All the tools and features can be synced with the current business tools you’re using
  • Countdown timers and regular notifications help in sticking with your deadlines
  • Java script integration helps in better customization
  • Active security measures help in keeping spam and bots at bay
  • Fast loading times increase interaction on the form filler’s end


Apart from the free version, Moosend has two pricing options:

  • Pro: Starting at $9/month
  • Enterprise: Custom quotes


9. Paperform

Have an eye for aesthetics and cool designs? Use Paperform and come up with the most unique and attractive forms out there.

The platform is known to have some of the funkiest graphic options, using which you can increase data collection by a large margin.

Paperform is also widely regarded as the form-building solution for small businesses because of its economic plans and the added perk of SaaS.

You might even cut down on hiring a graphic designer if you choose Paperform to be your best friend when designing forms.

Key Features

  • Has an unlimited number of forms with every plan
  • User languages can be changed according to preference
  • Forms can be customized via URLs
  • No limit to the number of integrations
  • A minimum of 6 months of storage is granted, which can increase depending on the plan you purchase
  • Themes and customizations are available on an advanced level
  • Provides conditional logic support
  • Analytics has a wide variety and are easy to understand


Paperform has three plans:

  • Essentials: $20/month
  • Pro: $40/month
  • Agency: $135/month


10. 123 Form Builder

Like the drag-and-drop tool too much? Invest in 124 Form Builder because this software is all about that! Be it filling a form or designing a complex one, 123 Form Builder makes every function easy with just a few clicks.

If you’re currently using a form builder and don’t find it up to the mark, 123 Form Builder will be just the right choice for you. Because of multiple integrations available, you can transport all your forms from the previous software without any hassle. This also means that all your current business tools and internal solutions can be easily linked with the platform.

Key Features

  • Forms can be worked with in multiple languages
  • Email notifications ensure well-organized systems
  • Allows you to import CSS
  • Multiple form formats are supported
  • The white-label feature helps you create forms that have a specific identity


123 Form Builder has three plans apart from the free version:

  • Gold: $19.99/month billed annually
  • Platinum: $37.99/month billed annually
  • Diamond: $69.99/month billed annually
  • Enterprise: $199.99/month


A Final Word on the Best Online Form Builders

With so many form builders out there, it can feel overwhelming trying to find the one that fits your needs, but we hope that our guide has helped you understand the different features each one offers.

Remember, many of the best form building tools, like our top pick Jotform, offer a free version that lets you test out the features before you commit to a paid subscription, so don’t be afraid to try a few before making your final decision.

Have any questions about our guide to the best online form builders? Let us know by leaving a comment below.

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