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Rev Pricing, Plans, Free Trial Info, More (2023)

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By Scott Winstead

rev pricing

Have you been looking into Rev pricing and are wondering if the transcription service is worth the money?

Rev is an online transcription software and service that converts audio and video files to text. It has a rapid delivery rate and customer service available 24 hours per day. Rev offers several services that we will cover in detail throughout this guide.

This in-depth guide will share all the particulars about Rev.com pricing, key features, add-ons, additional tools, and more. By the time you finish reading this, you’ll be able to choose which Rev service would be most impactful for your needs.

Let’s get started with our guide to Rev pricing and plans.

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How Much Does Rev Cost?

Rev offers transcription services for both audio and video files. They offer both manual transcription at $1.50 a minute and software, AI-transcription at 25 cents per minute.

Additionally, Rev offers other services at various prices, including foreign subtitles for videos at $3-$7 per minute, automated live captions for Zoom meetings at $20 per host, and more.

Rev has very clear pricing and various extras available. So whether you require automated or manual audio or video transcription, Rev has great services that are worth a look.


Manual Human Transcription – $1.50/min

rev human transcription

The manual transcription offered by Rev carries a 99% percent accuracy guarantee with 12-hour turnaround (in most cases) at $1.25 per minute .

Simply upload the audio file, and the professional transcribers at Rev get to work.

This manual transcription service is perfect for interviews, video production, and academic needs and purposes.

It’s a good alternative to automated transcription if your audio has some background noise, a diverse range of accents, multiple speakers, and more.

Once the professionals finish transcribing, you’ll have access to view and edit the document right in Rev and then download and export in your chosen format.

The manual transcription service offered by Rev has a guaranteed satisfaction policy so you can be confident you’ll like the results.

Rev also offers additional add-on features to amplify the user experience further.

Additional add-on features:

  • Timestamps – $0.25/audio minute (great for reviewing audio)
  • RUSH service – $1.00/audio minute (receive the file back five times faster)
  • FREE iPhone Call Recorder – (record incoming and outgoing calls)
  • Voice Recorder App – Free app for Android and iPhone (record audio, upload right in-app for Rev to begin transcription.)


Automated transcription $0.25/min

rev automated pricing

The automated transcription service offered by Rev is perfect for when you need a transcript quickly and don’t necessarily need 100% accuracy.

It’s great for tight deadlines and delivers transcripts usually within 5 minutes. It works excellent with clear audio and little background noise and distraction.

However, this transcription service is done completely by machine (artificial intelligence) and is not 100% accurate for speech to text. They say it’s 80%+ accurate for transcriptions.

You can try the automated transcription service free.


Captions service – $1.50/video min

The captions service provided by Rev is excellent and has a 24-hour turnaround time.

It is simple to use and boasts a 99% accuracy rate.

Adding captions to videos can boost engagement and views tremendously. It makes video content more accessible.

Adding captions to your videos allows your audience to enjoy and consume the content with the sound off. Imagine how much your audience will grow once you start doing this.

This service is simple to use. Directly upload your video file, and transcribers at Rev will begin immediately.

You can customize various settings such as style guides, location of caption, and more.

Receive your transcript back in just 24 hours, edit and view in the Rev software and share!


Foreign Subtitles Service – $3-7 per minute

rev foreign subtitles pricing

The foreign subtitle service offered by Rev is available in more than 15 different languages.

Using foreign subtitles is a great way to expand reach. It makes your video content consumable in additional countries. It boosts discoverability, and Rev maintains a 99% accuracy with this service as well.

The turnaround time for foreign subtitles is 24 hours.


Automatic Live Captions for Zoom – $20/host

rev zoom captions pricing

Zoom is one of the most popular virtual conference platforms out there. Rev offers a service to add automatic live captions to Zoom calls/meetings. This helps to make your videos more understandable and increases accessibility with speech to text captioning.

The automated transcription service simply takes the audio being put into your Zoom microphone and transcribes it in real-time for your audience.

You can try the Rev.com Zoom transcription service free for a limited period.


Rev Pricing Q&A

How much do Rev transcription services cost?

Manual transcription costs $1.50/minute. Automatic transcription costs $0.25/minute. 

What is the timeline to receive the transcript back?

With manual transcription, it takes less than twelve hours to transcribe audio to text if the file is thirty minutes and less.

Is it possible to place a rush on orders?

Yes, it is. Rev offers a speedy option that returns the transcript to you five times faster than normal. The fee for this service is an additional dollar per audio hour. This is great for tight deadlines!

What file formats does Rev accept?

Rev accepts a wide range of file formats for converting speech to text. A few are:

  • Mp3
  • Mp4
  • MOV
  • AVI
  • WAV

Does Rev have a non-disclosure agreement?

Yes, they do. Rev has a very strict confidentiality policy. They also understand that some customers require further steps to enhance security and protection.

What are the benefits of adding captions to video content?

There are several! A few benefits are:

  • Adding captions to the video makes it easier to keep your audience engaged.
  • Assist with getting ideas and messages to your audience
  • Easier accessibility
  • Improve rankings


Rev Services Pricing Recap

Manual Transcription – $1.50/min.

Automated Transcription – $0.25/min.

Timestamps – $0.25/audio min.

RUSH service – $1.00/audio min.

Captions service – $1.50/video min.

Foreign Subtitles – $3-7/min.

Live Captions for Zoom – $20/host


Ready to give Rev a try? Click here to visit Rev.com to get started.


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