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Exam Edge Review 2023: The Best Test Prep Service?

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exam edge review

Do you have a big certification exam coming up? Need a little help getting ready to ace it?

Exam Edge is a test prep service that pledges to help you get ready to pass your big certification assessment in just about any field.

Whether you’re preparing for a nursing entrance exam, a personal trainer certification, a teacher certification, or even college entrance exams, Exam Edge has a huge database of online practice tests to help students get ready for the real deal.

Exam Edge has been giving online practice exams to those looking for assistance for more than 16 years, helping over 2.7 million students along the way.

In fact, Exam Edge’s online practice tests were named among the Top 10 best for preparation for the Test of Essential Academic Skills (TEAS) test in 2021 in a list by Intelligent.com. 

It all sounds great, but we wanted to do a little more digging for ourselves.

Is Exam Edge really one of the best test prep services out there? Are their services worth the cost?

Read our full Exam Edge review below to find out our thoughts on the service.


What Is Exam Edge?

Exam Edge is an online platform offering a range of practice tests for those seeking certifications in different fields.

The website provides access to a massive collection of practice material so that you can score well in your exam. They can help you pass your certification exams, saving a lot of money by helping you not retake the same exam.

Exam Edge offers practice exams in more than 20 different industries, helping you pass tests in just about any topic from nursing to accounting to finance to teaching and more.

Exam Edge has a 100% passing guarantee (not a money-back guarantee), access to their content 24/7, unlimited access to their tests, and is fully BBB Accredited.


What Can You Learn On Exam Edge?

Exam Edge caters to more than 20 industries all around the world. The diverse collection of study material allows students from various disciplines to pursue their passion by studying through a top-notch platform. Whether you want to learn nursing or accounting, the website will provide access to your specific interests. Some of the most popular fields are as follows:


This category helps individuals pass management, payroll, and risk management exams. If you are looking to appear for APA (American Payroll Association), GAQM (Global Association for Quality Managers), HRCI (Human Resource Certification Institute), PMI (Project Management Institute), SHRM (Society for Human Resource Management), then Exam Edge will a perfect place for you. 


If you want to nourish your expertise in the healthcare field, look to appear in the certifications such as ANCC (American Nurses Credentialing Center) and ARRT (American Registry of Radiologic Technologists), Exam Edge will be your best companion. This platform will provide you with numerous exams to practice and excel in all basic and advanced concepts!


Certification exams like Praxis, TExES, and FTCE are not easy, but you can surely crack them with good preparation! Exam Edge will assist you in learning all the tactics needed to crack even the most challenging and overwhelming exams.


This category is the one-stop solution for all students across the globe. It helps you with all sorts of professions, whether a passion in the US or India. This platform is highly diversified to prepare you for the next phase of your life.


How Much Does Exam Edge Cost?

The prices for Exam Edge are standard across all exams. Prices are based on the subject/certification you are considering purchasing.

For example, if you want to appear for “Series 6 Investment Company and Variable Contracts (Series6),” there are three options available:

  • 10 practice tests for $96.50
  • 5 practice tests for $56.75
  • 1 practice test for $21.95

There are some courses where 15 practice tests are available at a rate of $131.25. If you want a ton of practice, you can buy a more extensive bundle, which will cost you less per exam. 

Once you purchase the exam, you have access to the explanation of questions; if you went wrong at any place, you would know why; importantly, you can time your exam, which will create an exam-like environment.


How Does Exam Edge Work?

It is super easy to use Exam Edge to prep for your certification test.

Just visit their website and a search bar will be at the top. Search for the exam you are looking for. When you click on a course, it will open the course layout, where you will find the course reviews and the exam content. 

On the right side of your screen, you will find an option to purchase the course. You have options such as 1 exam, 5 exams, etc. 

After making your selection, just provide your payment details, and then you are ready to working through your practice exams.

They accept Visa, Mastercard, American Express, Discover, and PayPal as the modes of payment. Additionally, you get instant access to their primary interface, where you can practice for your real exam.


Exam Edge Features Explained

Although there are so many other websites on the internet, students across the globe still prefer Exam Edge as the best choice. Here are some important features that distinguish Exam Edge from other test prep services:

100% Passing Guarantee

Based on previous accomplishments and quality content, this platform profoundly states that they have guaranteed a passing grade for all students. However, they don’t offer any financial return such as money back. Here’s the exact verbiage of their guarantee: “If you take the corresponding test within 2 months after completion of taking the Exam Edge practice exams you ordered and do not pass the test, Exam Edge will agree to allow you to retake each of the corresponding practice tests you ordered, up to 10 more times.

Access Your Exams 24/7

It is easy to access this website at any time of the day on any of your devices. If you run out of your laptop battery, fret no more! You can easily attempt your exam on your mobile. Overall, the access to this website is all device-friendly.

Unlimited Test Access

Do you want to re-do the same exam to ensure you understand all the concepts? Well, you can attempt the same exam multiple times without paying any extra penny.

Cost-Effective Solutions

These exams are the same as the real exam. Retaking the actual exam will cost you more than taking these exams. You will be prepared for the exam in the first go and pass it.

Real Test Environment

These exams are time-bound, so you have an actual test environment and can gauge your time management skills. It will polish and nourish your skills according to your exam, so you are fully prepared to pass the certification.

Completion Certificate

Once you complete your practice exam, you will receive a certificate. This is not officially certified by any testing agencies, but it will boost your motivation and can be shared with friends and family. Moreover, the correct exam preparation will help you become comfortable with the topic and the test pattern you’ll be evaluated on.

Fully BBB Accredited

They are fully accredited by the Better Business Bureau, so you can order from them with confidence.


Exam Edge FAQs

After I complete a practice exam, what will I see on the review page?

After your exam, you will have access to the review page, where you can see your raw score, questions that were marked correctly or incorrectly, and a detailed explanation of each question in the exam.

Can I leave my exam in the middle?

Yes, you can leave your exam, and your progress will be saved. However, it is advised that you give your exam in one attempt to have a better learning experience.

What is a 100% pass guarantee?

The 100% pass guarantee states that “If you take the corresponding test within 2 months after completion of taking the Exam Edge practice exams you ordered and do not pass the test, Exam Edge will agree to allow you to retake each of the corresponding practice tests you ordered, up to 10 more times.”

How many times can I take a single exam?

Each test can be taken up to 4 times. After you finish all of your practice tests, you can reset them 3 more times.

Do I need to install any software to access the practice tests?

You won’t need any software since the entire system is created on a web model. Therefore, everything is online.

Can I download my exam?

No, you can’t download any of the exams. They are programmed to run in an online setting.

How long do I have to take the practice exams I have purchased?

They will not expire; you can take that exam whenever you want. They are not time-bound.


Is Exam Edge Worth It?

We believe that Exam Edge is 100% worth it.

There’s no other test prep service of this level that offers such an in-depth collection of certification practice tests. Exam Edge provides a lot of options in each field.

Exam Edge is also much more affordable than its alternatives, and the quality of its practice tests is second to none.

They even provide good customer support to ensure that the students have a good experience at their website.


Get Started With Exam Edge

Click here to get started with Exam Edge today.

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