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Simply Piano Review: The Best App to Learn Piano?

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simply piano review

These days, you can learn just about anything online. Like the saying goes, “There’s an app for that.” And learning piano is no different.

There are numerous apps that offer online piano lessons, and one of the most popular of them all is Simply Piano.

If you’re starting your piano learning journey, Simply Piano might just be your best companion. The app was designed to make it fun and easy for anyone — from kids to adults — to learn to play the piano.

There’s a lot to unpack with this popular app, and our in-depth Simply Piano review will tell you all you need to know.

Let’s get started…


What is Simply Piano?

Simply Piano Simply Piano

Learn how to play the piano faster than you ever thought possible, with fun, easy, and engaging courses, lessons, and songs.

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Simply Piano is a one-of-a-kind piano learning tool from JoyTunes. It is a renowned and frequently recommended platform for learning the piano online and has won several accolades, including Apple’s Editor’s Choice and Parents’ Choice Awards.

With Simply Piano, you can learn to play piano through songs you already know and love. You can also learn to read sheet music, play basic chords, and more with their lessons.

It uses real-time listening recognition through your device’s microphone of the notes played on any home keyboard or piano – so you get instant feedback for perfecting those chords.

Plus, with songs from all genres available in its library – everyone’s sure to find something they love playing!

Simply Piano is used by hundreds of thousands of piano students and professionals worldwide to learn and teach others how to play the piano.

In a nutshell, the Simply Piano app is a learning resource center with a ton of valuable and insightful learning information for anyone looking to improve their piano-learning abilities.

The Simply Piano app runs on iOS and Android phones and tablets.

Excited already? Buckle up! Because this piano learning platform has much more under its belt; let’s dive deeper to learn more about the Simply Piano App.


How Does It Work?

simply piano

The Simply Piano app is super easy to set up and use.

First, download the Simply Piano app and create an account. The app will prompt you to choose your expertise level and a learning goal.

Next, you will create a profile with your name and age. You have the option to add up to 5 profiles to a single account and set it up immediately or add the profiles later.

To start using Simply Piano, just place your device (smartphone or tablet) at the top of your MIDI/ acoustic keyboard or piano and start playing.

Once you start playing the Piano, Simply Piano automatically listens to the sound you’re producing and detects it using the microphone on your gadget.

The app will process what you’re playing and give instant feedback on your performance. This way, it teaches you the skill and helps you improve simultaneously.

Simply Piano is a fantastic new learning tool that produces outstanding results quickly. You can also experience the excitement and satisfaction of exploring and listening to its extensive music collection.

Simply Piano will make it possible for you to pick up finger numbering fast and simplify learning all the piano notes on a grand scale. You must finish the courses you are given to become a professional.

While using the app, pop-ups will show on the screen to let you know if you missed the timing of a chord. When you hit the key precisely on time, a blue light appears; if you missed it or weren’t on time, a red light appears.

The best feature of Simply Piano is that it will return you to practice mode and slow down the pace if you repeatedly miss a particular note, which will help you get back on track.


Who Should Use Simply Piano?

Kids and adults of all ages can enjoy Simply Piano.

We love how intuitive the user interface is, making it effortless for kids and adults alike to learn.

In addition, Simply Piano does not require any prior musical knowledge or experience as the app can teach you the fundamentals from scratch.

The lessons are structured in a way that makes it easy and fun for anyone to understand and play along with the songs.


Can You Really Learn Piano With Simply Piano?

Yes, you really can learn piano with Simply Piano.

It encourages play-through exercises and gamification, especially for kids.

In as little as two weeks, you might begin playing songs on your piano if you are persistent and sincerely devoted to learning how to play!

People already familiar with the fundamentals of the piano can start playing in a week.

The following is a summary of some of Simply Piano’s advantages:

  • It works with every keyboard and piano.
  • You learn to read notes immediately.
  • You can only proceed once you correctly complete one section.
  • Up to 5 individuals can utilize the same account from various devices.
  • It offers an easy-to-use user interface.


Simply Piano Courses

The 27 lessons of Simply Piano have been split into two distinct streams, Soloist and Chords. You learn the theory of playing the piano in the Chords area; next, you put that theory into practice in the Soloist segment.

The first few videos in the courses provide an overview of your learning material. New piano topics are illustrated in other course videos. The learning interface, which has a screen split into two pieces, comes after the videos. The keyboard is shown on the lower half of the screen, while the musical staff is on the upper half. The notes you need to press are highlighted on the screen’s keyboard area.

1. Songs

You may pick from a song collection in the app with hundreds of tracks.

2. 5-Minute Exercises

Short practice sessions called 5-Minute Workouts are also part of the training. There is nothing new that you learn from the 5-Minute Workouts. Instead, they reaffirm the ideas you have learned throughout the courses.

3. Sheet music

Thanks to the printable sheet music included with the app, you can read music even when you aren’t using the app.


Simply Piano Curriculum

simply piano

Let’s see how Simply Piano’s learning curriculum unfolds.

1. Initial Courses

Two courses have been designed to teach the piano basics and help lay a quick foundation before they can proceed further.

Piano Basics and Essentials I is the title of these lessons. They instruct you on fundamentals like simple rhythm, finger counts, and a few simple melodies and notes on both the right and left hands. Others educate individuals to read lead sheets for every piece to grasp the rhythm and chords deeper after introductory lessons.

2. Soloist

The Soloist section of the course teaches the skill of playing solo piano pieces with both accompaniment and melody.

3. Essentials II and III

The soloist also includes “Essentials II” and “Essentials III.” The main objective of these modules is to enhance your knowledge of notes to two octaves, accidentals, and C and F positions and have you play the C major scale of one octave inside a song.

4. Classical I and II

The next course in Classical I is an optional course. Classical I start with the history of music and different music styles in each period. After covering this, it takes you to simplified versions of some famous pieces from the Romantic and Classical periods.

Intermediate III follows after Classical II. It trains you to execute the well-known piece of Beethoven’s Für Elise.

5. Intermediate

The four intermediate levels take you to syncopation and ties. These courses also teach G major and scales D and expand the concepts you learned in the Essentials course. The Intermediate courses focus on areas like playing higher notes and shifting positions.

6. Taste of Bach

Two courses under Taste of Bach introduce Bach, the Baroque era, and also teach some well-known minutes and airs by Bach.

7. Pre-Advanced Course I

The next in line is the Pre-Advanced I course, where you can learn key signatures and the 16th notes. This course explains key signatures and helps you practice the F major and D major.


Other Courses

Apart from all the technical aspects, Simply Piano also gives you a chance to play popular tracks such as Scott Joplin’s “The Entertainer” or Bohemian Rhapsody.

1. Chords

The Chords section of the Simply Piano app teaches chords to enable you to play any song.

2. Pop Chords

In the context of specific songs, Pop Chords introduce different chords, including C major, D, and E minor. The concept of the baseline is also introduced at this point.

The following chords, D minor, B minor, E major, F major, and A major, are covered in Pop Chords II and III. Before beginning a song with the fresh chord, you’re provided with a second tutorial on the chord and instructed to rehearse.

3. Chord Styling

You may discover how to play the very same chords in several genres, including rock music, ballads, and soft rock, by mastering Chord Styling in classes I, II, and III.

4. Blue Chords I

You can discover how to play the keys C7, D7, and G7 in new and different ways by completing the Blue Chords I course. In this segment, rhythmic blues will be explored.

5. Jazz Chords

Jazz Chords I and II are more theoretical than practical. This section of the course also includes jazz rhythms and chord progressions, such as turnaround progressions or major and minor 2-5-1 chord progressions, in conjunction with the theory.

6. Slash Chords

The Slash Chords course is the last in the Simply Piano course. It offers slash chords and explores the movable and pedal bases along with chord inversions.

These classes assist you in mastering a few melodic bars, namely by listening to them, followed by reading them off the five lines.


Simply Piano Pricing & Plans

Over 10 million people have downloaded the instructional software Simply Piano, which is available for Android, iPhone, and iPad.

 Free Pricing Plan

“Piano Basics” on Simply Piano is a free course offered for free; however, you must purchase a membership to access more courses. Additionally, you may test out a free 14-day app trial before buying the premium edition.

The following are offered in Simply Piano’s free version:

  • You master Middle C, D, and E in Lesson 1, along with finger numbers.
  •  In Lesson 2, F and G are covered.
  • Moreover, in Lesson 3, you practice the five notes you’ve learned with your right hand, and then you learn “Ode to Joy” using the five-finger pattern you just mastered.

Click here to try Simply Piano for free!

Paid Pricing Plans

There is no monthly plan for Simply Piano. It must be purchased in subscriptions of three, six, or twelve months.

  • You can purchase a 3-month regular package for $59.99
  • You can buy a 6-month regular package for $89.99
  • You can purchase a 12-month standard package for $119.99

For the free 14-day trial, you must select the 12-month option. Just remember to cancel your subscription if you don’t like it!


Is Simply Piano Worth It?

We’ve reached the end of our Simply Piano review, and now it’s time to answer the big question: Is Simply Piano worth it?

Yes, it is!

Simply Piano offers an enjoyable and easy-to-follow approach to learning the piano in a friendly environment. The courses are engaging and interactive, with real songs you know and love to practice. It also provides excellent value for its price.

If you’re looking for a fun way to learn the basics of playing the piano, then Simply Piano is a great choice. You’ll be well on your way to becoming a proficient pianist in no time!

Click here to try Simply Piano for free!

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