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What Can You Do With a VPN? 10 Cool Ideas

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what can you do with a vpn

Working, shopping, gaming, traveling, relaxing… there’s no denying that the internet has changed the way we experience all of these activities.

As the divide between our online and offline selves grows smaller, it’s more important than ever to stay on top of our digital gsecurity.

Internet service providers, or ISPs, can track and monitor a great deal of our online activity.

From the websites you visit to the time you spend online, your activity can be logged, sold to data collectors, or even hacked – which can be a costly, time-consuming nightmare to recover.

One of the best ways to prevent your information from being monitored is by investing in a high-quality virtual private network, or VPN, service.

VPNs keep your data safe by creating a securely encrypted point-to-point tunnel from your device to one of the VPN’s servers.

This masks your computer’s IP address and location, helps you bypass firewalls and blocked sites, and keeps your activity confidential… even on shared public networks.

A VPN is an excellent way to make sure no malicious users can keep track of anything you’re doing online.

You can also enjoy peace of mind that no corporations are snooping on your activity when you browse with a VPN.

Read on to learn about how to get a VPN, then find out all the cool things you can do with it!

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First Things First: Getting a VPN

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With Surfshark VPN, you can enjoy private, secure, fast, and unrestricted internet access from anywhere in the world.

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Getting a VPN doesn’t have to be difficult, though it can be overwhelming when you’re faced with dozens of different providers.

Some VPN services boast no-cost options, but beware: these are usually highly limited, and might even come with hidden charges down the road.

Other services offer a bewildering number of bundles and packages that make it hard to figure out exactly what you’re paying for.

You can skip the confusion by taking advantage of Surfshark’s award-winning VPN service, currently offered at a discount of 82% off their regular two-year price plus two months free when you use our link.

Other companies may either charge more or provide less robust security and convenience, which is why Surfshark is the safest bet for your money.

A top-rated VPN provider based out of the Netherlands, Surfshark is well-known for being both transparent and effective.

The company offers excellent security, with over 3,500 servers in 100 countries.  This means that no matter where you are, Surfshark will be able to keep your connection anonymous and secure.

Surfshark also offers additional perks to make your connection faster and your experience more streamlined when using your VPN.

The company’s privacy policies make it clear that Surfshark does not log or profit from user data in any way, which is another green light when searching for a reputable VPN service.

And since Surfshark’s price boils down to only $2.30 a month (with two months completely free!), it’s easy to justify investing in your digital safety.

Once you’ve taken advantage of their epic deal, it’s time to begin exploring how your new VPN can benefit you!

Keep reading to find out 10 cool things to do with your Surfshark VPN.


10 Cool Ideas to Explore With Your VPN


1. Keep Your Data Private

The most essential function a VPN can provide is that of keeping your online information confidential.

In an age where we’re more susceptible than ever to data breaches and online hackers, it’s nice to know that a VPN provider like Surfshark can obfuscate your online location and activity.

Your VPN creates a secure tunnel for all of your internet browsing and activity.  This keeps outside data collection at bay and is a wise precaution against phishing and hacking scams, too.

Even if there’s nothing especially high-risk about your internet usage, no one likes worrying about a lack of privacy.  When you use a VPN, you don’t have to.


2. Spoof Your GPS Location

In keeping with staying anonymous, you can also use your Surfshark VPN to “spoof” your global location.

Spoofing your location means hiding or disguising your actual whereabouts online by using a different IP address.

Your device’s IP address typically reveals your geographic location to other online sites and servers.

When you use a global VPN like Surfshark, however, you can make it seem as if you’re actually located somewhere else in the world entirely.

This makes it harder for apps, trackers, and scammers to pinpoint where you are and take advantage.


3. Protect All of Your Devices

When it comes to accessing the internet, most of us use multiple devices.

It’s a good idea to take security measures with any device used to access online content, which is where a VPN service like Surfshark comes in.

Surfshark offers unlimited VPN connections, meaning you can protect as many of your devices as you’d like without paying an additional fee.

This helps you make sure all of your bases are covered when it comes to keeping your stuff secure.


4. Access Geoblocked Streaming

Most of the big media platforms have different content available for different countries.

A series that might be free in the UK may be costly in the US – or completely unavailable.

One of the fun perks a VPN can offer is a way around these geo-blocked types of content.

Since your VPN masks your IP address, you can keep sites like Netflix and Hulu in the dark about your location as you access international media.

Entertainment platforms may try to prevent this from happening, but a high-quality VPN service like Surfshark can make it possible for you to enjoy international streaming without actually getting on a plane.


5. Get Better Deals on Travel Purchases

When you are ready to hop on a plane, train, or automobile, you’d be surprised at how much money a VPN can save you.

That’s because most travel sites track your activity and intentionally raise the costs of airfare, car rentals, and train tickets once they’ve clocked where it is you’re trying to go.

A VPN keeps your location and activity anonymous, so sites are unable to take advantage of your search history.

This means you’ll see better deals and avoid unnecessary costs when you plan your travel itinerary.


6. Stay Secure on the Go

Once you’ve gotten all your travel arrangements made, a VPN can help you stay safe abroad.

Many airports, train terminals, and other travel hubs offer free Wifi, which can be a convenient asset while you’re on the move.

However, these shared Wifi situations are usually not very secure.  In fact, it’s easy for malicious users to take advantage of these vast public networks.

Using a VPN while accessing a shared network is the only way to make sure your activity stays anonymous and out of harm’s way.

Getting hacked is a surefire way to ruin a vacation or business trip, so it’s better to use a VPN and not take that chance.


7. Bypass Censorship

Censorship laws can be another headache, especially for students or researchers who may be traveling.

Different countries will sometimes block certain news outlets, databases, and journals, even if they are being sought for legitimate reasons.

A VPN can make it easier to bypass these firewalls and gain access to the material you need to find, even in countries where censorship is a major issue.

Surfshark is known for its global connectivity, and is able to help users securely access content even in countries like China and Ukraine. It’s one of many reasons Surfshark is one of the best VPNs for school.

A VPN can provide a useful solution to the problem of unnecessary censorship.


8. Keep Your Messaging Chats Private

Even if you’re only sending messages to catch up with your friends, no one wants their chat to be intercepted by outside parties.

Not every messaging app out there offers encryption, meaning the texts you send and receive may not be secure.

This is especially true in countries where the government restricts access to major communication platforms like Skype or WhatsApp.

By using a VPN when you chat, you can make sure that your conversations are completely secure… no matter where you are or what you’re talking about!


9. Enjoy a Faster Gaming Experience

A VPN can make it easier for gaming enthusiasts to streamline their experience, too.

Some internet service providers will slow down your connection when they detect activity that’s using a lot of bandwidth.

This practice, known as “throttling,” can drive gamers crazy.

Since your VPN makes it impossible for the ISP to detect your activity, there’s no chance of your connection being “throttled” right in the final moments of your game.

While perhaps not as serious as keeping your sensitive data away from prying eyes, this perk will cause many diehard gamers to rejoice.


10. Tap Into More Live Sports

Your VPN doesn’t only come in handy for movies and gaming.  With a little research, you can also use it to access more live sports, regardless of your geographic location.

It can be a challenge to find a way to watch your favorite games in action if they are taking place in a different country or timezone.

A VPN, however, can help you sidestep this inaccessibility by making it seem as if you’re located in the country that’s live broadcasting the sporting event.

You may have to do a little digging to see where and when your next big match will be aired, but once you’ve figured it out, your VPN can help you cheer along with the crowd.


Final Thoughts on Things to Do With Your VPN

Clearly, there are many ways that a VPN can revolutionize your internet experience.

First and foremost, a VPN keeps you and your personal information safe.  By masking your location and encrypting your messages and data, you can rest assured that your VPN will prevent you from being hacked.

From keeping you anonymous on public Wifi networks to protecting you from sneaky fare upcharges, a VPN can also be a huge asset when you travel.

VPNs can also unlock entertainment and media that were inaccessible before, whether you’re watching international streaming, enjoying faster gaming, or reaching censored content.

With all of these features available at only $2.30 per month, it’s no wonder more people are investing in VPN services like Surfshark.

After all, who doesn’t want to stay safe online while enjoying a faster, better internet experience?

Have any great ideas for how to use a VPN that we forgot to mention?  Feel free to share your insights in the comments below!

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