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The 10 Best Reading Games for Kids (2023 Reviews & Rankings)

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reading games for kids

The best reading games for kids can help your little ones learn to read and make them more confident readers as they progress.

Reading game apps and board games can be a fun way for kids to develop their literacy skills, increase comprehension, and build vocabulary.

With the ever-increasing popularity of digital devices, there are numerous apps available that provide educational reading games for kids of all ages. And of course, there are some classic board games that are designed to help your child practice their reading skills.

To assist young readers develop their vocabulary, spelling skills, and understanding of letter sounds, we’ve compiled a list of the best reading games for kids.

So, without further ado, let’s dive in!


What are the Best Reading Games for Kids?

Here are our top picks for reading games kids are sure to enjoy…

1. Lou Adventures

Lou Adventures: An Interactive Learning Story for Kids Lou Adventures: An Interactive Learning Story for Kids

Lou Adventures is an interactive learning story for kids that helps them improve their reading skills through a fun, adventurous game.

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Recommended age


The first reading game on our list is “Mystery at the Lakehouse” by Lou Adventures.

This reading game consists of 12 interactive chapters brimming with information on the Mystery at the Lakehouse.

Furthermore, as your kid reads through the story, the talking dog, Lou, will lead your kid through a series of exciting adventures.

They will discover a secret journal, a hidden bunker, a cave with mysterious pictures, and much more!

The app helps kids improve their reading comprehension using speech recognition technology through a fun, interactive game format. It works like a virtual tutor, helping kids improve their reading and pronunciation.

You can also monitor your child’s success from the parent dashboard. It includes a wonderful feature that allows parents to track their kid’s recordings when they read through the app.

And did we mention the app is totally free to use? Check out our Lou Adventures review for a complete analysis of the app.

Key Features

  • The game will aid young children in developing their reading skills
  • Developed by education experts to ensure that young children can advance in various reading speech domains
  • It comes with games, puzzles, and DIY activities, all aimed at boosting kids’ self-esteem and ability to communicate in English

Click here to try Lou Adventures for free!


2. Wordsearch Junior



Recommended age

4-6 years

As the name says “Wordsearch Junior,” it’s obvious that all younger kids can enjoy this junior word search game. Older kids can also participate in this board game in a quirky way.

Kids can try to make sense of the jumbled letters by looking for patterns and visuals, while older youngsters can try to decode sentences.

The concept embedded in this game is ideal for kids to learn new words and develop their literacy. Furthermore, it encourages children to become accustomed to looking for patterns and gives new readers many chances to practice identifying letters and words.

Key features

  • Best reading game if your kid is just getting started
  • Different levels according to the kid’s ability to search the word
  • Help children with their vocabulary and pronunciation


3. Zingo!



Recommended age


Zingo is much like the game you must have heard before, “Bingo”! However, to complete your Zingo, you will need to match photos to the appropriate words. The winner is the first player to have a full card.

In this game, young readers and non-readers alike can practice matching pictures and words on their challenge cards. Young minds strive to fill their cards first and shout “ZINGO!” while Zinger provides tiles and entertainment. This matching game helps players improve their language abilities while keeping them on their toes with two different play levels.

Key features

  • Increases children’s vocabulary with matching pictures and word tiles such as ghost, bunny, cat, star, house, train, and ball
  • Helps in early reading skills
  • Develops matching, concentration, compare and contrast skills


4. Go 4 It! Word Families



Recommended age


The objective of this card game, known as “Go 4 it,” is to amass a collection of words that belong to the same word family, such as the “–ake” family of words.

Students are motivated to understand rhyme structure by playing this entertaining game, similar to Go Fish and Authors. The players will continue to place their sets on the table as they gather all four cards in a word family until they are out of cards.

This unique game helps children better understand the logic behind the technique “If I can read bat, then I can read hat.” In little time, they will be able to read and spell word families!

Key features

  • Kids learn new words faster
  • The rhyming sounds of the same word family foster children’s cognitive and motor skills
  • Comes with 96 cards through which kids can make endless combinations


5. BOOKR Class – Learn English



Recommended age


BOOKR Class is an online resource that provides students learning English with access to animated books and games. Children can become more comfortable with vocabulary and expressing their thoughts by listening to narrated versions of literary classics, contemporary stories, and songs in the digital library.

Your youngster can improve their reading, writing, listening, and overall conversational abilities with the help of this app. The activities provided, followed by homework, are not only attractive, but they also have a genuine educational objective.

Key features

  • Kids will have a lot of fun displaying their vocabulary abilities
  • Several games are included at the end of each book to engage students
  • If you play and win the games, you will get coins which allow you to read other books for free
  • Allows the parents to track their kid’s progress


6. Mussila Wordplay: Learn to Read



Recommended age


Mussila Wordplay is another reading app that allows kids to engage in fun games while learning. This Wordplay is designed to help kids develop their reading, comprehension, and word recognition skills through various fun and engaging activities.

The app incorporates various learning strategies to attract and retain young users and facilitate reading and comprehension skills. In this activity, kids can choose from several different storylines in which they’ll be asked to match pictures with words.

Key features

  • Aids youngsters in acquiring and consolidating their reading skills
  • Helps them to become confident readers
  • Various word recognition, reading, spelling, and comprehension activities


7. Lingokids


  • Free for the basic plan
  • $14.99/month for unlimited plan

Recommended age

3-11 years

Lingokids is an app designed to help young children learn English using various media such as music, videos, and games. Over 3,000 words can be understood in an entertaining and educational way with Lingokids.

We believe that a fun and engaging way is best for learning, and LingoKids has come up with a great initiative l. They have provided different activities that help students learn faster through various digital mediums.

Moreover, to have more fun studying together as a family, look over the Additional Material after each game your child plays. Also, the best part about it is that it has content that Oxford University Press first published.

Key features

  • Various readiness exercises to improve communication skills
  • Have a combination of British and American English
  • Cognitive, reading, thinking, and reasoning skills development


8. Endless Reader


  • Basic plan: Free
  • Pack of words: $4.99
  • Bundle: $11.99

Recommended age


The Endless Reader introduces kids to interactive animations that show both spelling and meaning of words. Moreover, it also exposes your youngster to phonics and sight words.

With the aid of the Endless Reader app, kids may quickly and interactively acquire fundamental phonics abilities. From the perspective of a literacy professional, it is evident that this software aids kids in learning to read and write. From letter and sight word recognition to understanding how words work together in sentences, this reading has got you covered.

Key features

  • Creative animations for a better understanding of visual learning
  • Recall common sight words
  • Cartoon characters are represented as spellings to help kids remember them


9. OgStar Reading



Recommended age


The OgStar has built-in minigames and incentives that engage kids and take them on an intriguing reading journey. It is also supported by The National Reading Panel’s scientific recommendation to teach young pupils i.e. by entertainment, structured, and multimodal learning.

Therefore, children receive structured instruction using a multimodal approach throughout the classes. They start mimicking letter sounds by appropriately shaping their mouths and repeating words in chunks. Before children begin to read and write, the game is quickly progressed to include letters and irregular words.

Key features

  • The app’s engaging aesthetics immediately draw kids in
  • Young learners are taught to identify and eliminate individual phonemes from words
  • Kids are prompted to experiment with their voices and hear what they sound like
  • The software speaks to the child continuously as it walks them through the session


10. Epic! 


Basic Plan: Free

Unlimited: $9.99/mo

Recommended age

12 and under

Epic allows children to discover their passions and develop skills in an entertaining and secure setting. Children can pick from an endless collection of instructional books, nursery rhymes, audiobooks, and songs.

Rest assured, your children will never experience boredom because of the plethora of activities this game offers. They can read stories of varying genres, study phonics, and play to their heart’s content. The stories are available for reading in various formats, including online, offline, on mobile devices, or even on the web.

Key features

  • Over 35,000 high-quality books and videos
  • Covers children’s literature, including award-winning novels and informative nonfiction
  • Infographics are also included

Final Thoughts on the Best Reading Games for Kids

Reading games are an excellent way to teach your kids about spelling, phonics, and sight words.

Studies have shown that games are a great way to teach children, as they are enjoyable and interactive. Games also provide strong visual and auditory cues that can help build a foundation of reading skills.

We hope this article has helped provide you with some insight into the best reading games for kids!

Our top pick is Lou Adventures because it is specially designed to make the learning process fun and adventurous.

No matter which game you choose, your child is sure to benefit from this fun and educational experience.

Have any questions about the best reading games for kids? Let us know by commenting below.


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