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Why Use an Editor for Your College Admissions Essay and Personal Statement?

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By Fatima Mansoor

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There’s a lot that goes into getting accepted into your dream school.

Your grades, of course, are the most important factor in getting into college. And of course, you’ll need to take the right classes in high school and do well on your standardized tests. Colleges also place a lot of importance on your extracurricular activities and what kind of person you are outside of the classroom.

But there’s more to the college admissions process than just your academic record.

What you may not realize is that your admissions essay and personal statement can be just as important as your GPA in getting into your dream school.

And that’s where having an editor comes in. Editing services (like those offered by Scribendi) will help you fine-tune your essay so that it’s the best it can be.

Simply put, having an editor in your corner could be the difference between getting into your dream school and being relegated to the safety school list.

Don’t believe us?

In the guide below, we’ll outline everything you need to know about college admissions essays, including why they’re so important, what makes a great essay, and how you can get help writing your own.


How A College Admissions Essay Editor Can Help You Get Accepted Into School

You’ve brainstormed for days and now have a pretty good personal statement draft in your hands.

What’s next? Making sure that it’s perfect!

You can be an excellent writer but still miss a thing or two when it comes to personal statements.

Your application also has a lot of competition because thousands of students apply for a handful of admissions. In order for your candidacy to be considered, your personal statement needs to be polished. It also needs to stand out.

That is where a college admissions essay editor comes in.

Good editors — we recommend the team at Scribendi — will help you perfect your personal statement. This includes improving the grammar, sentence structure, and wording of your piece. They will also ensure that your essay flows well and makes sense.

Additionally, they can help you with brainstorming ideas and giving constructive feedback.

Scribendi is taking the educational world by storm. Their proofreading and editing services have helped numerous students get into their dream schools.

If you’re looking to take your personal statement to the next level, consider using an editing service. It could be the difference between getting into your top choice school and being placed on the waitlist.

And the best part is, it won’t cost you an arm or a leg. All you need to do is enter your word count and turnaround time on the website and you’ll receive a quote instantly.

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Tips for Writing Your Personal Statement

1. Don’t Obsess Over the Word Count

It’s common knowledge that personal statements must be within a certain word limit. However, limiting yourself before even beginning to write will restrict your ideas.

Try not to think too much about the word count. Instead, focus on writing an engaging and interesting essay. Once you’re done, you can go back and cut out any unnecessary words or sentences.

This is where editors come in handy. They can help you get rid of any fluff and make sure that your essay is within the word limit.


2. Make a Rough Draft

Rough drafts almost always look terrible. They’re full of errors and often don’t make much sense.

But that’s okay!

A rough draft is supposed to be messy. It’s a chance for you to get all of your ideas down on paper without worrying too much about perfection.

Once you have a rough draft, you can hand it off to an editor who will help you transform it into a polished piece of writing.


3. Pay Attention to Guidelines and Specific Requirements

When writing your personal statement, it’s important to keep the specific requirements and guidelines in mind.

Before you start writing, make sure to review the instructions carefully. Take note of any formatting requirements or other guidelines. These details are often easy to miss but can result in your essay being rejected if not followed correctly.

When preparing your rough draft, keep going back to the requirements and check if there’s something you need to include. Length and formatting particularly need to be addressed.

Many institutions also give students a prompt for the statement. If you miss this prompt and still produce a splendid statement, it won’t do you much good because you’d come off as unattentive.


4. Read It Aloud as You Write It

This is a great tip for catching errors that you might not have noticed otherwise.

Reading your work aloud forces you to slow down and really pay attention to each word and sentence. This makes it easier to spot awkward phrasing or incorrect grammar.

If something sounds off, chances are there’s an issue with it that needs to be fixed.

This is another advantage of working with an editor. They will also read your essay aloud to themselves to catch any errors.


5. Bounce Ideas Off Others

After working on your statement for a few days, you’ve probably gone over it a thousand times. However, a little feedback never hurts anybody!

When you’re working through a draft of your statement, ask other people you trust to give you their comments on the piece. They don’t necessarily need to have an educational background, though. Even your friends and family can provide insightful reviews!

Bear in mind, though, that not every comment is worth changing your statement for. Don’t let the feedback demotivate you; take it as constructive criticism. You don’t have to incorporate every critique in your statement, though.

At the end of the day, it’s your opinion that counts.


6. Highlight Your Strengths

Personal statements need to present you as the best candidate out there. Your strengths should dominate your write-up and should be described with intricacy.

Don’t hesitate to add any of your internships or community services, no matter how small they are!

Avoid describing any weaknesses in detail. If your previous endeavors didn’t work out, there’s no need to emphasize them. Highlight your strengths because those are the things that add to your credibility!


7. Seek Inspiration

Plagiarism is a no-go for all essays, but it doesn’t hurt to look at some examples online for inspiration.

Observe how their opinions or words resonate with your point of view. Notice how they describe their achievements. Learn what makes them successful.

By studying what others have done successfully, you can create a blueprint for improving your own personal statement.


8. Work with an Editor

If you’re not confident in your writing skills or if you want to be extra sure that your essay is of the highest quality, it’s a good idea to work with an editor. After all, this personal statement can make or break your future!

It’s worth spending a little bit of money to get professional help. You can find many editors online who will be more than happy to help you out.

Make sure you pick someone who has experience with personal statements and who you feel comfortable working with. This is a very important decision!

Scribendi has been providing professional proofreading and editing services since 1997 and has helped individuals just like you get into their dream schools. Their team of professional editors knows exactly what schools are looking for in a personal statement.

If you want to increase your chances of getting into your dream school, working with an editor is a great idea!


Final Thoughts

Don’t squander your opportunity to get into the school of your dreams by taking your personal statement essay lightly.

Use the tips we’ve shared in this article to help you write a high-quality, engaging, and successful essay.

And if you want to be extra sure that your essay is of the highest quality possible, it’s always a good idea to work with professional editors.

If you want your application to be successful, we recommend choosing Scribendi to proofread and edit your documents.

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