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The 8 Best Educational Streaming Services for Kids

The best educational streaming services for kids can help them learn with a side of fun and excitement.

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By Fatima Mansoor

best educational streaming services for kids

As a teacher, I’m always on the lookout for resources that can enrich my students’ learning experiences, both inside and outside the classroom. Educational streaming services have really become an incredibly valuable tool in this quest.

The best educational streaming platforms offer a treasure trove of content that is not only engaging and entertaining but also aligns with educational standards and fosters intellectual growth.

In this article, I’ll guide you through the top platforms that I’ve found to offer exceptional educational content that kids find both fun and interesting (click here to learn about our entire Editorial Process & Methodology for product reviews).

What are the Best Educational Streaming Services?

1. Noggin

Noggin – Interactive learning with the trusted characters your kids love. Noggin – Interactive learning with the trusted characters your kids love.

With over 1,000 educational games, videos, and activities developed by experts, Noggin offers a fun, interactive, and highly effective learning experience for kids ages 2 to 7.

We earn a commission if you make a purchase, at no additional cost to you.

Cost: $7.99/month (see our Noggin pricing guide)

Noggin is a whole lot more than just a regular streaming service. Yes, there is an extensive library of beloved children’s shows and characters that have a focus on early childhood development and offer a safe and enriching digital environment for their children, but the app has a whole lot more to explore.

What I love about Noggin is that the platform offers a wide variety of interactive educational games, eBooks, and activities featuring popular Nickelodeon characters like Dora the Explorer, PAW Patrol, and Blue’s Clues. These beloved characters guide children through educational adventures that encourage cognitive and social development, laying a strong foundation for their future learning.

As a teacher, I can tell you that Noggin covers nearly all aspects of early childhood development. It’s designed for kids 2 to 7, teaching them basic skills in math, reading, creative thinking, and more. Through a combination of interactive content and web exercises, the platform helps children hone their grammar and pronunciation skills.

Noggin has established itself as a trusted choice for parents and caregivers seeking a platform that combines education and entertainment to nurture young minds and prepare them for a lifetime of learning. It’s one of the best educational apps for kids.

Noggin offers a 30-day free trial to all new customers and is $7.99 a month thereafter. Check out our Noggin review for more details.

2. Curiosity Stream

Cost: $4.99/month

Curiosity Stream is a streaming service specifically dedicated to educational documentaries and non-fiction programming. While it largely caters to an adult audience, it does have some dedicated content suitable for children and families.

Curiosity Stream’s kids content library offers a rich array of educational documentaries and series that cover a wide range of subjects, from nature and science to history and technology. The platform provides children with the opportunity to explore topics in-depth, fostering a sense of curiosity and a love for learning.

Parents and educators can use Curiosity Stream to complement classroom learning and encourage independent exploration.

3. PBS Kids

Cost: Free

PBS Kids is one of my go-to kids streaming apps because it’s completely free and high quality. That’s right, you can watch every single show it streams at no cost at all.

With its strong focus on early childhood education, PBS Kids cements itself as one of the best educational streaming services available, period. It has a treasure trove of videos and games featuring multiple beloved characters from various shows, such as Sesame Street, Arthur, Curious George, etc.

The service is well-known and beloved by many for its commitment to great educational quality. It ensures all content is age-appropriate and intellectually stimulating enough to implant something useful in the children who watch it.

PBS Kids tries to explain and ingrain essential skills such as literacy, problem-solving, and creativity in children through its engaging and entertaining programs.

Parents can confidently allow their children to explore the platform freely for hours on end. It even has interactive games to retain engagement and reinforce learning concepts, making education a fun endeavor instead of a challenging one.

4. Disney+

Cost: $13.99/month

Disney+ is pretty much a household name, especially if you’ve got kids at home. Known for its vast array of family-friendly shows, including those timeless animated classics, Pixar adventures, and superhero tales, it’s a go-to for family movie nights. But there’s more to Disney+ than just entertainment.

In the Kids section, you’ll find a mix of fun and educational content that’s perfect for kids of all ages. But what really sets Disney+ apart is its cool collection of National Geographic documentaries. These aren’t just any shows – they’re windows into the world, teaching kids about nature, science, and geography in a way that’s super engaging.

What I love about Disney+ is how it’s committed to offering content that’s just right for kids – it sparks their curiosity and gets their creative juices flowing. It’s the kind of platform that encourages kids to ask ‘why’ and ‘how,’ nurturing logical thinking and a deeper understanding of the world. For parents aiming to raise inquisitive, well-informed kids, Disney+ is a treasure trove.

5. Amazon Prime Video Kids

Cost: $14.99month

Amazon Prime Video offers a dedicated section known as Prime Video Kids, which is filled with a vast library of educational shows, animated series, and movies suitable for children of all ages. This streaming service combines entertainment with educational value, making it a valuable resource for parents and educators.

Prime Video Kids features popular animated series such as “Paw Patrol,” “SpongeBob SquarePants,” and “Dora the Explorer.” These shows not only entertain but also provide opportunities for children to learn about problem-solving, teamwork, and creativity.

In addition to the beloved series, Prime Video Kids offers educational content that covers a wide range of subjects. This diverse content ensures that children have access to both entertaining and informative programming.

Overall, Amazon Prime Video Kids is an excellent choice for families looking to balance entertainment and education. The platform provides a wide variety of content, catering to different age groups and interests, and is easily accessible through an Amazon Prime subscription.

You can try Amazon Prime free for 30 days.

6. HappyKids

Cost: Free

HappyKids is a fantastic, free streaming service that’s all about kids and their learning journey. It’s like a one-stop shop for a whole bunch of kid-friendly content that’s not only fun but also educational.

As a teacher, I like that it has everything from those catchy nursery rhymes that little ones love, to cool science and history videos for the older kids. It’s great for keeping them entertained, but they’re also picking up new things without even realizing it.

What’s really neat about HappyKids is how it caters to kids at different learning stages. Whether you’ve got a preschooler, a kid in early elementary, or a pre-teen, there’s something for each one. This makes it super easy for parents or teachers to find shows and videos that match your kids’ ages and what you want them to learn.

Final Thoughts

Educational streaming services can be a really great tool for enriching your child’s learning journey. From the comprehensive learning experience offered by Noggin to the timeless classics on Disney+, these platforms provide more than just entertainment — they are gateways to knowledge, creativity, and curiosity.

Whether you’re a parent, teacher, or caregiver, these streaming services are valuable tools in your arsenal to make learning both fun and impactful for the children in your care.

Have any questions about our guide to the best educational streaming services? Let us know by commenting below.

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